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Flanagan, Charles

Wednesday, 27 March 2002

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 551 Nbr. 3

Request to move Adjournment of Dáil under Standing Order 31.

I hereby give you notice of my intention under Standing Order 31 to seek the adjournment of the Dáil to debate the following matter of urgent national importance, namely, the report of the A...More Button

The Tánaiste is asking questions when she should be answering them.More Button

Order of Business.

And nobody asked—More Button

Who asked?More Button

Where was the Taoiseach on 19 December?More Button

Was the Attorney General present at the meeting?More Button

He is asking questions now; he was not asking them on 19 December, nor were you.More Button

Order of Business (Resumed).

In view of the willingness of the Tánaiste to answer questions here for the past 20 minutes on the contact details surrounding the National Aquatic Centre, will she use her good offices as T...More Button

Will the Tánaiste talk to the Whips?More Button

The Garda Commissioner thinks there are difficulties.More Button

I am sure she will be seen frequently around the Laois-Offaly area in the next few weeks.More Button

Other Questions. - Zimbabwean Election.

Asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs: his views on the recent election result in Zimbabwe; and if he has made these views known to his EU colleagues.More Button

Competition Bill, 2001 [ Seanad ] : Report and Final Stages.

I thank the Minister for making her briefing notes from her Department available on Committee Stage, albeit late in the day. It is surprising that this Bill should be so substantially amended at th...More Button

It is unfortunate that these amendments are being taken together because there is not much of a relationship between amendments Nos. 9 and 10 on the one hand and amendment No. 11, and it is clear f...More Button

As far as amendment No. 10 is concerned, it appears we are removing what was a bona fide defence and in tandem with a rejection by the Minister of Deputy Rabbitte's previous amendment, we can see a...More Button

Having listened to the Minister, I am still concerned about the absence of specific reference in the legislation to the unique position of farmers as food producers. The Minister said, among other...More Button

The reality of Irish farming in 2002 is that farmers must combine to have a negotiating position. Allowing individual farmers a right to negotiate a price is merely reflective of a position of grea...More Button

We are dealing with this matter quite late in the day because of time constraints and rushed legislation and one of the difficulties is that we will not have sufficient time to deal with the fairly...More Button

Unless specific reference is stitched into this legislation, a flimsy promise that talks will take place is little more than meaningless. I am not sure what avenue is open to the Tánaiste fo...More Button

Mr. Matt Dempsey, who is widely respected in matters rural and agricultural, said that this Bill represents a unique chance to stitch into Irish law practices and principles that are the norm in co...More Button

I ask the Minister to review her stance and accept my amendment. She seems to suggest that the articles already have legal effect within our jurisdiction. If that is the case, then the amendment ca...More Button

Amendment agreed to.More Button

It is reluctantly agreed to. Agreement takes away my defence.More Button

Amendment agreed to.More Button

We have not even seen this.More Button

I will not make an issue of this but I would like it recorded that about 24 hours after the taking of Committee Stage last week, the office of the Ceann Comhairle refused to accept a written amendm...More Button

I take it my comment has not provoked a response from the Leas-Cheann Comhairle.More Button

There does not appear to be any room here for due process. The right, for example, to cross-examine appears not to exist at all. I wonder about the sweeping nature of the sections in terms of admis...More Button

I would say the Attorney General's arm is in it somewhere.More Button

I move amendment No. 16:More Button

In page 16, between lines 14 and 15, to insert the following:More Button

“(3) The Director of Telecommunications Regulation, the Commission for Energy Regulation and the Central Bank shall have a right of action under this subsection in respect of an abuse which is proh...More Button

I am reluctant to open this debate again. The Minister's views are fixed. I am not sure if she has changed anything since last Friday evening. Perhaps I should have requested in subsection (3) that...More Button

The Minister will agree that the consumer imperative in this legislation is vital and it runs right through the Bill. Opening up, empowering and enabling the regulators to act in the interests of t...More Button

No.More Button

Amendment, by leave, withdrawn.More Button

I move amendment No. 17:More Button

In page 16, between lines 26 and 27, to insert the following:More Button

“(6) Exemplary damages shall be determined by the Court and shall be not less than double the amount of damages awarded by the Court.”.More Button

I spoke about the concept of exemplary damages on Committee Stage and the Minister ruled it out of hand. The more I think about it, the more appropriate I think it would be. Reading back over recen...More Button

I was rather interested in the comments made by the sitting judge in the celebrated case of Geraldine Kennedy, where the concept of exemplary damages was adjudicated upon in the court. It was inter...More Button

The Fine Gael Party supports the amendment. It is not wise for the Minister to divest herself of a public interest dimension and it is very important it is retained for the reasons outlined. If the...More Button

It is a little unfair to ask Deputy Rabbitte to answer that question in a subjective manner.More Button

Secret undertakings.More Button

I move amendment No. 37: More Button

In page 27, between lines 15 and 16, to insert the following:More Button

“(4) Such an appeal may be made by–More Button

(a) any trade or professional association whose members are affectedMore Button

by the Authority's decision, orMore Button

(b) an association of consumers on behalf of its members.”.More Button

This amendment was rejected on Committee Stage but I have narrowed it considerably on the basis that on the last occasion, I was anxious that there would be a right of appeal for any aggrieved part...More Button

Written Answers. - Schools Building Projects.

Asked the Minister for Education and Science: if he will proceed with the implementation of the McCarthy report on the future development plans for primary and second level education in Portlaoise in accordance with the McCarthy report as pres...More Button