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Esmonde, Anthony Charles

Thursday, 16 June 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 223 Nbr. 5

Committee on Finance. - Resolution No. 3: Tax in Respect of Certain Goods (Resumed).

The speech of the Taoiseach yesterday highlighted the fact that, although he levelled some very severe criticism at the main Opposition Party, he is prepared to accept advice from that Party and, i...More Button

The Taoiseach also levelled an attack against all and sundry who are criticising the Government. Is it not the function, and the principal function, of an Opposition Party to utilise opposition f...More Button

If my recollection serves me aright, the Taoiseach yesterday sat down about 5 o'clock. The Government at the time were negotiating, or had negotiated a loan to the amount of £5 million, acco...More Button

There is no doubt that all our difficulties, industrial unrest and the spiral in the cost of living, have their origin in the turnover tax. The Taoiseach talked yesterday about the difficulties in...More Button

These officials then send down a peremptory demand for so much turnover tax, and if the trader does not pay at once, a writ is issued straight away. People in my constituency have had four and five...More Button

Some Government speaker should give some clarification of what the Taoiseach meant when he said that discussions are to take place with the parties concerned. If they are using such arbitrary meth...More Button

It is all fine for Government speakers to bleat about Government expenditure. They say that every tax they put on is to increase social welfare payments but what about the money they have wasted? ...More Button

Another difficulty in which the Government find themselves is entirely of their own making. They are short of capital, shorter perhaps today than in any time in the past. There may be certain rea...More Button

In the past, this country was largely dependent for its borrowing on the savings of the people. Perhaps some member of the Government would now explain to me why we are short of these savings. I ...More Button

Why are there no small savings? The reason is that the people who could save are taxed out of existence. Further, when they come to the time at which they might be able to avail of State benefits,...More Button

If you look slightly higher up the financial scale, you find the people who save through building their own houses, insurance policies, annuities and other small investment in the country itself. ...More Button

The small sums we save by docking people who draw a State pension or social services to which they are entitled, or the relatively small sum we get from estate duty create inhibitory conditions. U...More Button

This country owes £714 million in national loans already. What has the country got to show for it? We have a dwindling population, with emigration and unemployment growing every day of the...More Button

Before I conclude I should like to say a few words on the Common Market. A journalist from this country recently went to Brussels and investigated the situation there from a news point of view wit...More Button

I do not think this Government have ever seriously made any attempt to prepare for the Common Market. It is true they made a recent Trade Agreement with the United Kingdom with the idea of showing...More Button

Trade is wide open in the world today. We are not the only new country. We have a national Government now for over 40 years. Many other countries have come on the scene since then. Their number...More Button

This country ought to be out at political level looking for markets, as every other country is doing. It is the only way you will get negotiated treatment and agreement and bring about a better ba...More Button

This Government want to start thinking quickly. Are they going to continue what they are doing, which is to try to collect money here and there, wherever it is, to stay in power and keep the wheel...More Button