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Dowling, Joseph

Thursday, 15 December 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 226 Nbr. 5

Debate on Adjournment (Christmas Recess) (Resumed).

I would like to speak today as a trade unionist and a worker, as a member of the workers' party, the only Party with the interests of the workers at heart, and the Party who have proved this beyond...More Button

Deputy Lemass was a farseeing man. He was conscious of the rights of the workers and of the responsibility of Government. He was conscious of the necessity to improve the position of the worker an...More Button

——to the person who established the industry in which he is now standing, or improved it, he could come to only one conclusion, namely, that his employment in the industry today is due ...More Button

As a result of the industrial aids and the creation of improved conditions of employment, we have now arrived at a point at which further industrial expansion is in process of planning. There are ...More Button

We have at the moment anti-national groups operating in this city who are opposed to certain developments. They are faceless men and they are operating not for the benefit of the worker, of the Lab...More Button

Let us contrast the position today with the position when both Fine Gael and Labour had every opportunity to implement their policies. They had two bites of the cherry, one in 1948 and one shortly...More Button

The Labour Party believe they represent the workers. Perhaps they represent a section of the workers. Perhaps a section of the trade unionists vote for members of the Labour Party because they are...More Button

The Labour Party in 1948 sold out the Irish worker and sent him packing. How can any member of that Party justify selling the means of employment of one single man? There is no answer. They hang ...More Button

Notice taken that 20 Members were not present; House counted, and 20 Members being present,More Button

I was saying that when the inter-Party Government under John Aloysius Costello were in office and when the Labour Party had sold out for a couple of miserable Parliamentary Secretaryships and minis...More Button

(Interruptions.)More Button

They were sold out in the chassis shop in Inchicore and elsewhere, but one wise thing they did was to put an auctioneer into the Department of Industry and Commerce to make sure he would sell the i...More Button

We are aware of the irresponsible tactics used by anti-national groups in this country and some members of the Parties here have aligned themselves with these anti-national groups. Some documents ...More Button

I should like the Labour Party spokesman to indicate what the Labour Party have been doing since 1946 to improve industrial relations. What suggestions did they make here or elsewhere in this rega...More Button

I was amused when listening to Deputy Kyne speaking about the terrible situation in Waterford. He spoke also about the old age pensions and it was interesting to hear him, as well as other Labour...More Button

You voted against the Budget.More Button

It is amazing that so many did.More Button

You voted against the necessary means of providing benefits for the socal welfare recipients. We made available what was there.More Button

We were glad to see, when we visited Waterford, that extensive work has been carried out in the development of the industrial estate there. In the course of time, it will probably equal the very l...More Button

I trust that the constructive approach by the Minister for Labour in seeking industrial peace and promoting a better relationship between workers and management will succeed, in the interests of th...More Button

Once again, I say that the workers should ask themselves: “Who gave me my job? Why am I here?” If they did, they would go back to the great political machine which has their interests at heart. T...More Button

Deputy Cluskey will be speaking in a few moments. I hope he will answer a few questions and that he will be able to tell us what the Labour Party are doing, or have done, regarding industrial rela...More Button

One one occasion in the not too distant past, when a certain strike was taking place in the city, one of them was rubbing his hands out in the corridor and he said to me: “The longer this lasts the...More Button

These people are completely out of touch with union members. I doubt if they have not a vested interest in strikes. If you examine the matter from a political point of view, if it can be seen to ...More Button

The ESB dispute was mentioned. It will probably be mentioned again but I am mentioning it first. I was asked what I thought of the ESB dispute. First, I should like to say that the men on strike,...More Button

In the initial stages, I believe these men were entitled to an increase and could have made a case which, standing on its merits, would have been successful if properly made. That is one of the we...More Button

The reason for the legislation has already been made clear by the Minister for Labour and been accepted by the great bulk of the workers and of the people of this nation. Quite recently we heard D...More Button

What about the refrigerators that carry all types of drugs and medicines? Should they have a second source of supply? What about factory workers who were being deprived of their livelihood becaus...More Button

Deputy O'Leary said they should have a second source of supply. Apparently it was all right, provided the hospital had a second source of supply. The lifeblood of this nation would have been stop...More Button

As I said before, the Labour Party are divorced from the situation on the floor, from the ordinary trade union worker. The position here in the Dáil is that they spend quite a lot of time h...More Button

Fianna Fáil are the workers' Party and they are the only Party who have shown themselves in days gone by to have the workers' interest at heart. They have proved this by their efforts in est...More Button

I will give him another few in a moment. He will be able to make an excellent speech after this. He will be able to tell us about what happened in various industries.More Button

That is only one. There was the development at Shannon when the Lockheed Group had to go to Paris; there was the closing of the chassis workshops at Inchicore, the selling of the equipment of the s...More Button

The people of Waterford and Kerry were using the tomahawks when they returned the Fianna Fáil candidates in the recent by-elections. However, I do not wish to inflict any further wounds on t...More Button

We also saw down in Waterford, as I said before, the banshees of the Labour Party and the Fine Gael Party crying all over the county trying to terrify the poor “oul one” out in the hills, and when ...More Button

Two Sundays ago in the 30 mph zone I saw the Fine Gael policymaker, Senator Garret FitzGerald, exceeding the speed limit by talking at the rate of 40 policies per hour. But it did not impress the ...More Button

A few days ago I wanted to put down a motion, which unfortunately would not be accepted, that Dáil Éireann had no confidence in the present Opposition and calling on them to resign. ...More Button

Deputy Kyne spoke about how difficult it was for CIE workers to have their grievances rectified. He knows very well that the union group in CIE is so large, and you have to get so many people tog...More Button

Of course, it may be that they want the worker irritated so that they can say it is the fault of the Government or of the Minister. They often say that here. I know there are responsible trade un...More Button

In conclusion, I wish to deal with old age pensions. The people without means got 5/- on this occasion. When the Leader of the Labour Party was Minister for Social Welfare, they did not get 5/&md...More Button

As a worker and a trade unionist, I support this Party because it is the workers' Party. It is the only Party that has given the worker employment. When we establish factories and provide employme...More Button

I hope Deputy Cluskey will tell us what plans, if any, the Labour Party have for the future. He will probably not be able to do so because the Party meeting to reconstitute the aims of the Party h...More Button