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Donegan, Patrick S.

Thursday, 15 December 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 226 Nbr. 5

Debate on Adjournment (Christmas Recess) (Resumed).

Of course, that is not true. The proposals are not the same. I have been here.More Button

I am dealing with what the Minister said.More Button

I have been as close to trade union matters as the Minister. I am saying the proposals are not the same. The Government proposals absolutely contravene the trade union proposals.More Button

I shall deal with them when the Minister has finished speaking.More Button

Whether I have or not, I have the Government proposals here and I have the trade union proposals in my bag.More Button

The Minister said the Government proposals were identical to the trade union proposals.More Button

If the Minister turns to page 6 of the September issue of Trade Union Viewpoint, he will find the heading: “Minister's proposals on Trade Union Law Rejected”.More Button

That includes the people you bought.More Button

ICI could get £20 million; you could not get £5 million.More Button

And we did not change the method of counting, either: 16,000 was the difference there.More Button

I was rather amazed that the Minister for Transport and Power used the phrase a few minutes ago “present Taoiseach”. We all wonder, with some of the people around him, how long he will be in offic...More Button

The Taoiseach this morning told us that trade figures and balance of payments figures were improving. Of course they are. They are improving because of the restrictive measures imposed by the Gov...More Button

If all this has brought a reduction in the purchasing power of the Irish people, has brought about a contracting economy, and if all this is to be mirrored in the figures we will get at Budget time...More Button

If one moves through the sphere of Government spending and considers the number of people who had to sell perhaps a few shares they might have laid aside for a rainy day or who had to sell propert...More Button

It is only a short time ago—1963— that the Government decided that all the deposits in banks here over £1,000 should be recorded and transmitted for investigation to the income ta...More Button

The Minister for Transport and Power referred, for instance, to the question of restricting sanction for houses to those already being planned. What about the situation where the then Minister for...More Button

These are the remedial measures that were taken. I want to refer to some of them again. Their effort was to create an increase in unemployment of, in my opinion, 25,000 people. Where do I get my...More Button

What other remedial measures were taken? The Minister for Industry and Commerce will be interested to know the figures in relation to the Agricultural Credit Corporation where lendings of £6...More Button

The definition on which the activities of the Agricultural Credit Corporation were curbed was that if you had a small overdraft in the bank, you could not get a loan. If you wanted a loan and you ...More Button

The Parliamentary Secretary knows as well as I and Deputy Corry and anybody from a rural area knows that when you have a unit that is too small, one of the most productive measures you could take i...More Button

I do not want to go into the figures in relation to the Industrial Credit Company. I could go into them exactly as I have in the case of the Agricultural Credit Corporation. The result is the sam...More Button

There has been the behaviour of Fianna Fáil in the wasting of industrial grants. The Minister for Transport and Power never ceases to defend this and to say that in times of great prosperit...More Button

There is no excuse for that. That grant was given on the basis that a capital investment would be forthcoming from the people coming in but you should ask first to see the colour of their money. ...More Button

I want now to refer to the by-elections and to take grave exception to actions by two industrial firms, one in my own constituency which will not gain me any votes, and one in Waterford. I take the...More Button

It has been said, and it has not been denied, that in these two by-elections the Government's majority was not a majority over all comers and that it was reduced to a minute size when compared with...More Button

Now, I want to discuss briefly the use of proportional representation in these elections. Proportional representation was fought for by every Party in this House, with the exception of Fianna F&aa...More Button

You would have had the fixing of the constituencies. You have already fixed my own constituency so that there cannot be a second Fine Gael man, and if you got your chance without proportional repr...More Button

I am going to deal with your position in this.More Button

Not at all. In no constituency at present is a Labour Party Deputy elected with an overall majority of votes, with more than 50 per cent of the votes. If these constituencies were to be divided i...More Button

Look up your mathematics.More Button

I am very concerned for the Labour Party. It will be a bad thing if they are wiped out. The position as a result of the by-elections in Waterford and South Kerry is that two Fianna Fáil De...More Button

Far less than yours.More Button

I did, and I will send for the figures if you want them. They were far less than yours. The Labour Party supporters in these two constituencies who did not use PR elected two Fianna Fáil D...More Button

This is exactly what I want to hear. I am going to define that difference and I am going to suggest that the non-usage of PR will reduce the number of Labour Deputies in this House.More Button

I want to remark on the position of the Labour supporter in Waterford or Kerry if he had done his homework and decided to whom he should give his second preference vote. I want to quote from the p...More Button

Point 4 of the Cabinet's proposals: the Chairman and deputies, or deputy —here I am speaking of the members of the Court—will be appointed by the Minister. That proposal is also repugn...More Button

Paragraph 5: the Minister will appoint the persons of his choice to be members of the Court after consultation with the members of the representative bodies. That also is repugnant to the Labour P...More Button

I want now to turn to another matter. Would it be a better situation if there were a contract of service, with pension rights and severance payment in the event of disemployment in the industry co...More Button

The tragedy of the two by-elections is that the people were not told that the proposals for new trade union law, adumbrated by Fianna Fáil and soon to be introduced, are repugnant to the Lab...More Button

(Interruptions.)More Button

I have come here tonight to say what I think. The Press Gallery has always been extremely kind to me but there were articles in the Irish Times and the Irish Independent two days bef...More Button

It is significant, and I do not mind who in this House is at my throat, that when I was in a position to produce the Government proposals in relation to proposed trade union law and the Fine Gael ...More Button

They let themselves down because the Fine Gael proposals were much nearer to what they would desire than anything Fianna Fáil were putting up.More Button

When this trade union law is produced, irrevocably Fianna Fáil will move one way and Labour and Fine Gael another.More Button

Let me clarify the position. On the ESB Bill, we voted for an amendment proposing that for six months the matter be delayed. The reason was that we did not want to see people die because they had...More Button

That is Fine Gael industrial policy and Fine Gael are as near to Labour as anybody representing the people of this country could go because we are democratic. We are far nearer to Labour but they ...More Button

Yes.More Button

I said it on every platform on which I stood: Vote No. 1, Fine Gael and, No. 2, Labour. I gave my reasons. The Labour Party were going it alone. We were going it alone. I repeat—I said th...More Button

People who are elected to this House should say what they think. I think everything I have said tonight. I believe it passionately and therefore I have said it passionately. That is my right, jus...More Button

(Interruptions.)More Button

The Parliamentary Secretary is sitting happy with his overall majority. The people in Waterford and Kerry gave the Government a minority.More Button

People wrongly instructed failed to use proportional representation.More Button

(Interruptions.)More Button

My examination and analysis of the situation will be found to be correct in the cold print of the Official Report. The Taoiseach told us this morning that he had had a meeting with the National F...More Button

(Interruptions.)More Button

The Parliamentary Secretary knows it backwards because he asked a question with which I shall deal later. With regard to Germany, the position is that it is highly unlikely, 90 per cent unlikely, ...More Button

This is the man who on the first day he was Minister for Finance walked in for a Supplementary Estimate and when asked what it was for, said it was for the late President Kennedy's visit here. He ...More Button

There was a 29.6 per cent drop in wheat, notwithstanding the increase of 10/- per barrel. They could not believe in him and that is why they had to move him.More Button

Because the heifer scheme has been such a gambler's joy, there are 33,000 fewer in-calf heifers in the June census——More Button

The gangsters and the gamblers jumped in and now they have jumped out, having collected some £7 million of capital moneys that could have been well used for other purposes. However, we will ...More Button

We will leave aside all these. It is grand to smile today but let Deputy Dunne remember what they are smiling at. They are smiling at who sent the two boys down the steps. We will get back to th...More Button

They do not like this sort of stuff at all. I hope to go to the replay between Dundalk and Drumcondra, so they will be spared some of it. I want to talk about whether or not the people believe in...More Button

But there is no hope of Ministers of the calibre of the Minister for Health and the Minister for Justice and of the Minister for Finance going easily. The night of the long knives——More Button

I am deeply grateful to Deputy Harte for including perhaps the best of them all, depending on how you look on the word “best”. However, the position is that the night of the long knives is not so ...More Button

Yes, that is what it cost. The undignified attitude of the Government and the place-seeking, the scramble for power and the ratrace——More Button

For the benefit of the Parliamentary Secretary, the definition of a rat-race is very simple. A rat when racing will run across the dead bodies of his own to escape. That is the definition.More Button

There are a few around.More Button

The Minister for Industry and Commerce, Deputy Colley, is one. I can never make up my mind whether Deputy Blaney, the Minister for Agriculture, was just a front runner or not, but there are a few ...More Button

(Interruptions.)More Button

The point I am making is that these ambitious men will not stay as they always did. I always think that Deputy Dr. Hillery as Minister for Industry and Commerce was guilty of one of the greatest g...More Button

How are we to get industrial expansion and some sort of useful relationship between the Minister and Department of Industry and Commerce and business, if that sort of thing goes on? They have been ...More Button

Everybody knows that for the past six months almost every article they buy, with the exception of universal items such as a box of matches or something that can be identified by one brand or one ma...More Button

I think I have talked long enough and I am sure others agree with me on that. I have been very free in what I said and I believe every word of it.More Button

I was not too far from yourself.More Button

Fianna Fáil would not mind having him, would they?More Button

You what?More Button

You are in a minority.More Button

It was nothing like that.More Button

But Denmark is getting in 16,000 cattle and we are not even getting in 2,000.More Button

You did not get it. You are not getting 2,000 cattle in.More Button

When?More Button

We will believe it——More Button

Of course, we did not have the Press.More Button

I do not know whether Deputy Blaney was a front runner or not.More Button