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Crotty, Patrick J.

Thursday, 16 June 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 223 Nbr. 5

Committee on Finance. - Resolution No. 3: Tax in Respect of Certain Goods (Resumed).

Deputy Moore has thrown a new light on this Budget. When the Minister was introducing the Budget, he said it was for the purpose of aiding the farmers and also for paying the increase to the Garda....More Button

When introducing the Budget, the Minister warned the country that there might have to be another Budget in the autumn if the revenue was not buoyant, or if there were extra and unexpected calls on ...More Button

If in the autumn the revenue was not coming up to what was expected, and if there were extra calls on the Government, there might have been some justification then for a second Budget, but surely ...More Button

Also, if, as is the case, there was severe unemployment in the building industry and the Government decided that the decision which they took in the Budget to close down local authority housing, or...More Button

If after a period the Government had reconsidered their decision to close the two-teacher schools, or decided to devote more money generally to education, then again a genuine case could be made fo...More Button

The new taxes are going to hit every citizen very hard, no matter what his position. The increase of 2d a gallon of petrol will increase the cost of living. At present we all know that a large nu...More Button

The introduction of this new five per cent tax is very serious. The original turnover tax was the greatest curse ever and at the time the Minister said that it had to be on everything, on clothes,...More Button

Now, apparently, in 1966, three years later, the Department of Finance, have advised the Government that it is not necessary to have a tax on all goods and that they can have a selective tax, a tax...More Button

One redeeming feature which I see is that this five per cent is not to be imposed until October. I would ask the Minister to consider, between now and October, completely removing the 2½ pe...More Button

The Minister, when introducing this tax, unlike Deputy Moore, who said that it was to pay for the increase to the workers, said that it was to help the farmers in view of the bad season we had. Di...More Button

When speaking on the first Budget, the Taoiseach said that employment in the industrial sector would increase but that employment in the agricultural sector would go down, and that the overall empl...More Button

When Deputy Dillon came into power as Minister for Agriculture, he introduced a guaranteed price for feeding barley of 48/- per barrel. The first thing the Fianna Fáil Government did in 195...More Button

What do we find in regard to maize and grain? Imports worth £17 million were bought in the past year. Is it not a frightening thing that the Government, in the present financial situation a...More Button

During the past year we have imported feed wheat from Germany and from France. At the end of last year, we went to Germany for a loan of £7 million when we could not get it anywhere else. ...More Button

The principal idea I can see in this Government's policy is to close down everything in the country: close down the railway lines, close down Garda stations, close down two-teacher schools. The la...More Button

I heard the Parliamentary Secretary.More Button

I did not interrupt the Parliamentary Secretary.More Button

Deputy Gibbons asked could anyone imagine all the manhours wasted by people having to transport their milk to the creamery. Deputy Gibbons has been Parliamentary Secretary for only 12 months. Has...More Button

Progress reported; Committee to sit again.More Button

I have done my best to explain the cause of the flight from the land. I have also brought to notice problems which I am sure will be before the Government for many years. I spoke about the dairy f...More Button

Before I conclude I would again appeal to the Minister and the Government to look at the turnover tax on food and fuel. As I have already mentioned, this has hit particularly hard at the very lowe...More Button