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Creed, Michael

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Financial Resolution No. 2: General (Resumed) (Continued)

I acknowledge that 2016 has been a difficult year for agriculture and the agrifood sector. It has not been easy for fisheries either; therefore, my focus in the 2017 budget for agriculture and fis...More Button

Next year the Exchequer-funded element of the Vote in my Department will be €1.47 billion, of which approximately €238 million will be on the capital expenditure side, an increase of €120 million...More Button

The United Kingdom is our biggest market, with €5.3 billion in exports and €3.8 billion in exports from the United Kingdom to the Republic of Ireland, a trade surplus for us. The challenge, poli...More Button

We also feed into the overall Government approach, which is being run by the Taoiseach's Department, to tackling the challenges ahead. We are working with the various agencies under my Departmen...More Button

Budget 2017 financially underpins the Department's mitigation efforts through strategic investment in key areas, from providing access to an innovative low-interest agri cashflow fund of €150 mil...More Button

I am also active in area of seeking new market opportunities. As I said, I was recently in China on a trade mission and will be travelling to North Africa soon in that context, to look, in particu...More Button

My approach to budget 2017 involved a three pillar strategy, including the availability of low-cost credit which includes the aforementioned €150 million loan. It is important to say this is ena...More Button

Increased investment inside the farm gate is a critical part of what the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine does. A key priority for budget 2017 was to prioritise the ongoing impleme...More Button

The €4 billion rural development programme provides a vitally important stimulus for the rural economy. In 2017 rural development funding will be increased by more than 21%, from €494 million to...More Button

A sum of €52 million will be provided for the beef data and genomics programme next year. The funding which I am making available will permit the reopening of this innovative scheme to some new ...More Button

I am providing €50 million for the TAM scheme in 2017. We already have funded six measures and will launch a TAMS tillage measure in the near future. A sum of €25 million is being provided for ...More Button

As members are aware, €25 million is being provided for the sheep sector, as per a programme for Government commitment. More Button

The €241 million European Maritime and Fisheries Fund provides for a €43 million investment in 2017 in a range of programmes, including capital investment in the seafood processing and aquacultur...More Button

The budget also provides for measures to address income tax volatility and provide supports for the self-employed through the earned income tax credit, the extension of PRSI benefits and so on. ...More Button


Was asked: the number of farmers in County Wexford who have been paid for GLAS 2015; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Some three hundred and twenty-eight farmers (328) in Co. Wexford have received a GLAS 2015 part-year payment; these payments have a value of €177,641.More Button

Brexit Issues

Was asked: if he has met the European Commission chief negotiator on Brexit, Michel Barnier, to discuss the implications of Brexit for farmers, particularly in counties Cavan and Monaghan; and if he will make...More Button

I welcome Michel Barnier’s appointment as the European Commission’s chief negotiator for Brexit, and I look forward to hearing his plans for the conduct of exit negotiations with the UK under Artic...More Button

My priority for the exit negotiations is to achieve the best possible outcome for farmers and for the Irish agri-food sector as a whole, consistent with the Government’s overall aim of ensuring a...More Button

In that regard, engagement with EU partners and the EU institutions remains a high priority. All members of the Government will remain actively engaged with their European counterparts and, as t...More Button

Basic Payment Scheme Payments

Was asked: when a 2015 BPS payment will issue to a person (details supplied) who has had entitlements transferred to them and land leased; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

The person named submitted a 2015 Private Contract Clause application to my Department seeking the transfer of land and entitlements by lease as transferee. The land parcels that were the subject ...More Button

Forestry Sector

Was asked: if all sections of the 2014 Forestry Act, specifically with regard to felling, have been put into regulations; the current legislative position regarding felling applicable by law; and if he will m...More Button

The Forestry Act 2014 provides that the Minister may make regulations governing various aspects of forestry activities and operations, including felling, and these regulations are currently being f...More Button

Single Payment Scheme Appeals

Was asked: if there is any further recourse open to a person (details supplied) relating to a certain appeal concerning 2014 SPS area over-declaration.More Button

The Agriculture Appeals Office issued a decision letter to the person named on 6 October 2015. A decision of an Appeals Officer is final and conclusive, except in the following circumstances:
...More Button

Equine Passports

Was asked: if his attention has been drawn to the fact that it is taking the Connemara Pony Breeders Society up to ten weeks to issue passports for Connemara ponies and that this is holding up the sale of pon...More Button

As part of its breeding programme, the Connemara Pony Breeders’ Society commissions DNA testing on all horses it registers. This process is conducted by a specialist laboratory independent of the ...More Button

My Department has contacted the Connemara Pony Breeders Society regarding its passport issuing process and have been informed that a large volume of applications were received during the past thr...More Button

Horse Racing Ireland

Was asked: if, on 27 September 2016, and prior to the release of a press statement by Horse Racing Ireland on that date, he is aware and if he will assure Dáil Éireann that neither the HRI chairman, the board...More Button

Horse Racing Ireland (HRI) is a commercial state body established under the Horse and Greyhound Racing Act, 2001, and is responsible for the overall administration, promotion and development of the...More Button

The issuing of press releases is an operational matter for HRI.  The press release which HRI issued on the 27th September 2016 was not discussed with me or with my officials. However, a copy of ...More Button