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Coughlan, Stephen

Thursday, 15 December 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 226 Nbr. 5

Debate on Adjournment (Christmas Recess).

The biggest profits ever known, but they contributed to Fianna Fáil funds.More Button

The biggest profits Guinness ever had were made this year.More Button

They do not subscribe to Party funds.More Button

It is my bet Mr. Rank will never see the inside of Mountjoy.More Button

Did you not put in the Post Office workers without trial? We know their record in the past: the Curragh was full.More Button

Deputy Molloy should take note of that.More Button

Honesty.More Button

We are not sorry.More Button

You advocated sinking every ship that crossed the Irish Sea. You have got the fruits of the Free Trade Agreement now.More Button

Shake not thy gory locks in this direction.More Button

Debate on Adjournment (Christmas Recess) (Resumed).

The Minister is not in Kenmare now.More Button

He was in the Curragh at that time.More Button

Do not stick your chin out.More Button

The first directors were mentioned in the daily papers. You are the last man to talk about “perks”.More Button

You would not like to be called a nigger.More Button

Have we to put up with you for that length of time?More Button

I will make you Minister for Agriculture and you will do a job on it.More Button