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Smith, Bríd

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Financial Resolution No. 2: General (Resumed) (Continued)

I want to start by emphasising the word "prudent" in the budget. It was a word bandied about very much all day yesterday and again today in regard to how "we need to be prudent", "we are in recove...More Button

We have had a lot of waffle from Ministers and others about how wise they all are and how they are prudent. The word is thrown around like a badge of honour: "Look at us now; we spell prudence t...More Button

We then come to the multinationals and the measures that are not taken in regard to the opportunities to alter tax and revenue streams coming to the people of this country in a meaningful way. T...More Button

I want to point out, in case anyone has missed it, that the very wealthy in this country were very wealthy before the crisis, they remained wealthy during the crisis and they have grown wealthier...More Button

Again, this is not prudence; it is indifference. It is blindness that ignores workers, the unemployed and the low paid. Despite all the talk of increases in social welfare, all social welfare r...More Button

I want to concentrate on a couple of other areas, the main one being housing. What really expose the farce of this prudence are the measures announced to deal with the housing crisis. Let us re...More Button

The figure of €1.3 billion to deal with the housing crisis is a lie. It was another opportunity for the Minister, Deputy Coveney, to announce again and again the same headline figure and the sam...More Button

Under various headings and in an effort to avoid double counting and wishful estimates for the future, the ambition, including the false idea of the rapid-build housing programme, is to build a tot...More Button

There are other very serious cuts in this budget that are going under the radar. The arts budget is being cut by 16%. As with others, I remember quite vividly how gloriously, poetically and dra...More Button

The sports budget has been cut. I am shocked and ashamed that the budget for the Irish language and Gaeltacht has been cut by 9%. This seems like a deliberate ploy to undermine our heritage, la...More Button

In his speech, the Minister for Finance, Deputy Michael Noonan, announced he would tackle corporate tax avoidance. He said that he would appoint somebody to examine this sphere and come up with ...More Button