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Butler, Mary

Thursday, 1 October 2020

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Winter Plan 2020: Statements (Continued)

I thank all Deputies who contributed to this important debate today. I welcome the opportunity to make the closing remarks to it. I have taken notes and will pass individual requests back. The s...More Button

I was disappointed that not one Member today welcomed the fact that €830,000 will be spent on ten dementia advisers. I sat on the opposite side of the House for the past four and a half years an...More Button

As stated by many Members, as well as the Minister for Health, Deputy Donnelly, this winter will be challenging for our health and social care services. It is like a perfect storm. We are headi...More Button

Last week, I was delighted to launch the HSE winter plan with €600 million funding, 20 times more than what the plan is normally. It is an adequate plan. As I have said many times, the devil is...More Button

We are dealing with a global pandemic which has disrupted the level and the delivery of healthcare since March, while placing significantly increased demands on healthcare staff. I wish to pay t...More Button

I agree with the sentiments expressed by Members that we need reform. That is why the winter plan is designed in line with Sláintecare principles. We need investment and reform. I take on boar...More Button

The €600 million investment in the winter plan represents a significant commitment from the Government which will allow us to commence the process of pivoting care and the required resources towa...More Button

This was piloted in University Hospital Waterford last year. Normally, the hospital would have between 20 and 25 beds for people who would be termed as late discharge. A consultant would have d...More Button

I especially welcome the 4.76 million additional home care hours which will allow people to remain in their own homes. I welcome the commitment to provide aids and appliances to an additional 5,...More Button

It is important to mention nursing homes and the important role they and their staff have played in the care of our most vulnerable older people before the pandemic and, especially, in the last f...More Button

I want to touch on mental health because it has been raised by almost every Deputy in the House and it forms a very important part of my remit as Minister. The winter plan, with a focus on those...More Button

The winter plan is about people. It enables patients to be seen in the community and to remain in their own homes. This is the Sláintecare principle of the right care, in the right place, at th...More Button

Finally, I encourage everyone to do their bit to keep themselves healthy this winter by eating well, exercising, getting the flu vaccine, washing their hands, keeping their distance, limiting the...More Button

Neuro-Rehabilitation Services

I thank the Deputy for raising this issue and giving me the opportunity to provide an update to the House on the development of regional rehabilitation services in the South/South West Hospital Gro...More Button

The demand for rehabilitation services is growing and is anticipated to continue to grow with changes of population and the advances in healthcare, new interventions and technology. The model of...More Button

Neuro-Rehabilitation Services (Continued)

The model of care proposed is a hub and spoke model consisting of a tertiary centre linking at least four managed clinical rehabilitation networks, each one serving a population of about 1 million ...More Button

The HSE has advised that a review of rehabilitation services in the South/South West Hospital Group was, as the Deputy said, undertaken in February 2017 and was further updated in May 2019. The ...More Button

The HSE has further advised that the review recommended the development of a full range of rehabilitation services in the South/South West Hospital Group, including hyper acute rehabilitation as ...More Button

Emergency trauma and medical care is now more responsive and effective and more people are surviving catastrophic injuries with complex life-changing neurological, vascular and orthopaedic effects....More Button

It is important to note that the Programme for Government: Our Shared Future has committed to the continued implementation of the neuro-rehabilitation strategy. The HSE has also advised that the...More Button

Nursing Home Accommodation

I thank the Deputy for raising the issue of the Dean Maxwell Community Nursing Home. I heard about it recently.More Button

A key principle underpinning Government policies is to support older people to live in their homes with dignity and independence for as long as possible. In recent years there has been a shift i...More Button

Nursing Home Accommodation (Continued)

While our stated objective is to promote care in the community so that people can continue to live with confidence, security and dignity in their own homes and communities for as long as possible, ...More Button

Residential care is provided through a mix of public, voluntary and private provision. It is worth highlighting that the budget for long-term residential care in 2020 is in excess of €1 billion....More Button

Dean Maxwell remains a facility registered under the Health Act 2007 with HIQA for the provision of a range of care services to older people. The unit is currently registered until March 2022. ...More Button

There is no capital project in the HSE capital plan to replace Dean Maxwell. The HSE intends to move the emphasis at the Dean Maxwell facility from long-stay to short-stay care, which is an incr...More Button

To reiterate for the Deputy, the HSE has confirmed that it is committed to ongoing improvements in the unit, which is the first thing. The current capital programme of works is managed, as we have...More Button

As I have mentioned earlier, the HSE intends to move the emphasis of the Dean Maxwell facility in Roscrea away from long-term to short-term stay. There has been investment at Dean Maxwell in recen...More Button

Home Care Packages

As this is an operational matter, I have asked the Health Service Executive to respond to the Deputy directly, as soon as possible.More Button

As this is an operational matter, I have asked the Health Service Executive to respond to the Deputy directly, as soon as possible.More Button

As this is an operational matter, I have asked the Health Service Executive to respond to the Deputy directly, as soon as possible.More Button

Covid-19 Pandemic

Since 2009 the Health Information and Quality Authority, HIQA, is the statutory independent regulator in place for the nursing home sector.  HIQA has significant and wide-ranging powers up to and i...More Button

HIQA undertook a regulatory inspection of the nursing home referred to by the Deputy and as part of this met with residents and their families, including the families of some of those who passed ...More Button

Following this inspection, HIQA is satisfied to re-register the nursing home with several improvement focused conditions including in relation to individual assessment and care planning. In their...More Button

On 19 August 2020, both Minister Donnelly and I launched the COVID-19 Nursing Homes Expert Panel Report.  This is a significant piece of work which provides a range of recommendations in line wit...More Button

 Implementing the Report’s short-term recommendations will ensure the ongoing protection of nursing home residents, the preparedness of the nursing homes sector and the health system in response ...More Button

I am aware of how difficult a time it is for the families of those who passed away as a result of COVID-19 and would like to express my condolences to those who have lost a loved one during this ...More Button

Health Services Expenditure

As this is a service matter, I have asked the Health Service Executive to respond to the Deputy directly, as soon as possible.More Button

I propose to take Questions Nos. 279 and 280 together.

  The Nursing Homes Support Scheme (NHSS), commonly referred to as Fair Deal, is a system of financial support for p...More Button

Mental Health Services

Protection of the vulnerable continues to be a Government priority, especially in these challenging times, and those with mental health issues are often among the most vulnerable in society.More Button

Access to services is central to the Government’s commitments under Sláintecare and the new national mental health policy, Sharing the Vision, and the Programme for Government: Our Shared Future ...More Button

Much has been achieved in mental health in recent years, but it is recognised that much remains to be done. Ireland has fundamentally robust legislation, policies and services that have been buil...More Button

Sharing the Vision promotes equitable access to quality, safe mental health care for all citizens. Service users and their families, carers and supporters will have timely access to evidence-info...More Button

Sharing the Vision recognises and plans for the increasing need for mental health services and demand for more holistic person-centred responses. The ten-year plan addresses population needs thro...More Button

Establishment of the National Monitoring and Implementation Committee (NIMC), to oversee Sharing the Vision, is well advanced. The NIMC will drive reconfiguration, monitor progress against outcom...More Button

This year has been exceptional. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused significant stress, anxiety, worry and fear for many people throughout the world, from the disease itself and from impacts such as...More Button

The HSE has continued to provide all community services, as far as possible, while following Covid-19 guidelines to ensure protection for patients and staff. Acute inpatient and community residen...More Button

Covid-19 has rapidly accelerated online delivery of mental health services. The Department of Health, with the HSE, has launched a number of initiatives to promote mental health and wellbeing, in...More Button

A key priority for Minister Butler and the Department is to update the 2001 Mental Health Act. The Act sets out the care and treatment of people (including children) with mental illness, includin...More Button

Another priority is the new forensic mental health facility at Portrane. This significant and modern facility is expected to open early next year. The new 170-bed hospital complex will replace th...More Button

Funding will be sought in this year’s Estimates campaign to implement the short-term objectives of Sharing the Vision. This will, of course, be influenced by the availability of resources. Howeve...More Button

Hospital Appointments Status

As this is a service matter, I have asked the Health Service Executive to respond directly to the Deputy as soon as possible.More Button

Nursing Homes Support Scheme

As this is an operational matter, I have asked the Health Service Executive to respond to the Deputy directly, as soon as possible.More Button