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Lawless, James

Thursday, 14 January 2021

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Covid-19 (Education): Statements (Continued)

I commend the Minister on her approach to date and congratulate her on what she has achieved. I single out the admirable and essential decision last week to try to prioritise two cohorts of studen...More Button

I am not sure where that fell apart. There has been much speculation and theories but in any event, there is significant concern as to how we get back at all if 5% of students could not go back be...More Button

Many sectors have continued throughout the pandemic. Retail workers have been going through thick and thin. We have seen gardaí, emergency service workers and healthcare personnel, including do...More Button

There are many thousands of teachers across the country who made Trojan efforts both before Christmas in physical classrooms and now in remote classrooms. I saw them working as recently as this ...More Button

The social and economic issues are well known and that divide is only exacerbated with physical distance from school and not having social, economic and parental supports in place. I listened to...More Button

The digital divide is real and broadband connections vary from person to person and house to house. That does not just scupper students as it affects teachers. I have heard stories of teachers ...More Button

I do not come to this from an abstract position on policy. I am married to a teacher, the son of a teacher and a parent to a leaving certificate student. I see it from all sides and every singl...More Button

There are real and meaningful concerns about the mental health of students in many cases but the answer to this - the expected panacea - is not to cancel everything and abandon ship. The answer ...More Button

My own view is that we should provide a structure. Perhaps mocks or oral exams could be conducted online to some extent. We need to give these students motivation and a path forward to follow. ...More Button

I yield to my colleagues as I know a number of them wish to contribute.More Button

Covid-19 (Higher Education): Statements (Continued)

I am sharing time with Deputy Pádraig O'Sullivan.More Button

We had a similar debate to this in March last year. It seems incredible that the pandemic has been with us for almost a year. The previous debate took place during the initial lockdown when the...More Button

Some of the feedback I have had in recent months relates to one of the issues I raised almost a year ago regarding the impact of the Covid crisis. Researchers were very concerned about projects ...More Button

I have two questions for the Minister. As I said, this is a debate specifically on issues relating to third level. I do not plan to go into the leaving certificate issue again, even though some...More Button

My second question is on a broader point but, again, it is related to the current situation. It concerns the curriculum at third level. I recall as a student in Trinity College that we had many...More Button