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Healy-Rae, Danny

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Budget Statement 2019 (Continued)

I commiserate with the family of Ms Emma Mhic Mhathúna, who have lost a mother and a wonderful person. It is sad to think we are speaking about the health service tonight that was not good enough ...More Button

The Minister allocated €700 million more to the health service, bringing the total extra allocation for the year to €1.2 billion, but will it make a difference to those people waiting on trolleys...More Button

Will it make a difference to front-line staff who are clearly overworked? We need more nurses but cannot recruit them. Will nurses be paid properly? Will doctors and consultants be paid properly...More Button

Will it make a difference in mental health where there is clearly an underspend and half the people are not being seen? In our neck of the woods, I am sad to say that we are losing people practi...More Button

Medical cards are so difficult to get. We all know the farmers or business people who are working for themselves - the self-employed - never think about health insurance or getting a medical car...More Button

While there was some small improvement with the fair deal scheme in respect of capping the number of years, the scheme is very unfair on farmers. The entire value of the farm is assessed in deci...More Button

In August, the IFA made several representations about €200 for suckler cow farmers because they are under savage pressure. We think they are getting about €40 but we are being told that it will ...More Button

We do not have enough gardaí in rural areas minding our very isolated people. I know of two brothers who moved out of their house because they had been broken into and moved in with their nephew...More Button

The tourism sector has been dealt an awful blow by the addition of 4.5% to the VAT rate taking it from 9% to 13.5%. It is taking €466 million out of this sector. The stimulus was given in 2011 ...More Button

Much has been said about housing. There is a four-stage approval process for projects costing over €2 million. While, there is a one-stage approval process for projects costing under €2 million...More Button

We are urgently looking for the Killarney bypass to be reactivated and put on a programme because Killarney is being choked by traffic in the summer. In one way, it is good. It sends a signal t...More Button

Financial Resolution No. 3: Value-Added Tax (Continued)

This is a savage attack on rural Ireland. Dublin and the big urban centres are not hurting. This a direct attack on small businesses in County Kerry. If one looks at any part of the Ring of Kerr...More Button

As I said earlier in the day, when one is an employer Friday evening comes very fast and one must find the money to pay everyone. I am very surprised by what has happened. I believed we were safe...More Button

They were just getting level and starting to get on their feet but now they are being trounced back down again.More Button