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Madigan, Josepha

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Heritage Sites (Continued)

I thank the Deputy for raising this matter. I note his comments on biodiversity. As he knows, today and tomorrow I am hosting a national biodiversity conference in Dublin Castle. The Government ...More Button

High Island is a spectacular island; there is no doubt about that. It contains an early medieval monastery dedicated to St. Féichín. This is a national monument which is in my ownership as Mini...More Button

As the Deputy may be aware, the day-to-day care of this national monument falls under the remit of the Office of Public Works on behalf of my Department. The OPW works in close co-operation with...More Button

In the interests of the preservation, conservation, management and presentation of the built and archaeological heritage, the State sometimes may wish to acquire certain heritage properties and m...More Button

The national monuments in State care already number some 1,000 sites at over 760 locations around the country and these command considerable resource commitments in terms of both funding and pers...More Button

The Deputy can understand that if there was to be an approach made to the Department, it would have to be done in a formal way, not on the floor of the House, although I appreciate the Deputy's off...More Button

The National Monuments Acts allow me to place a preservation order on any other important archaeological site or monument that may be at risk.More Button

As such, there is an extensive protection, as I outlined, for archaeological heritage in the State without a need for acquisition of sites, except in the most exceptional of cases. Acquisition of ...More Button

Confidence in Minister for Health: Motion (Resumed) (Continued)

This motion is out of order.More Button

Heritage Sites

Was asked: her plans to purchase a location (details supplied) in view of the unique archaeological and ecological importance of same.More Button

In the interests of the preservation, conservation, management and presentation of the built and archaeological heritage, my Department seeks to acquire certain heritage properties and monuments as...More Button

In all cases the Department examines the potential acquisition carefully, taking into account the conservation needs of the property and Value for Money principles.More Button

The national monuments in State care already number some one thousand sites at over 760 locations around the country and these command considerable resource commitments in terms of both funding a...More Button

The property at the location referred to by the Deputy contains a national monument in my ownership as Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht. The day-to-day care of the monument is und...More Button

My Department, in cooperation with the Office of Public Works, is only in a position to acquire, maintain, conserve and present to the public a limited number of properties and monuments.More Button

It is not deemed prudent policy to disclose in advance potential interest or not in future purchases.More Button

Irish Language

Was asked: the progress made on implementing all aspects of the 20-Year Strategy for the Irish Language 2010 - 2030 that are relevant to her Department and bodies under her remit; and if she will make a state...More Button

Was asked: the role of her Department in supporting an Gaeilge; and her plans to celebrate Seachtain na Gaeilge in March 2019.More Button

Inland Waterways Development

Was asked: if there have been recent developments in the proposal to advance a project (details supplied); and if she will make a statement on the matter.More Button

I can confirm that following a commitment I gave to Deputy Smith last October, Waterways Ireland have recently re-examined the development potential of extending the Erne navigation from Belturbet ...More Button

Waterways Ireland manages and maintains the navigation on the River Erne in County Cavan as part of the Shannon–Erne Waterway. Waterways Ireland’s public jetties are provided in both Belturbet an...More Button

Whilst there is no specific legal obligation on Waterways Ireland to deliver a Navigation Plan for the Lough Oughter complex, the preparation of a draft Navigation Plan was initiated in line with...More Button

Lough Oughter has a number of international conservation designations including being a candidate Special Area of Conservation, a Special Protection Area, a proposed Natural Heritage Area, a Rams...More Button

During the initial data gathering process required for an SEA, the extent of concern for the protection of environmental and architectural heritage was raised by the statutory environmental autho...More Button

A critical issue was the level of impoundment, the extent to which water levels would be raised throughout the system and impacts on the habitats on the extensive water margin. Detailed hydrologi...More Button

The SEA process indicated that considerable environmental and hydrological assessment would be required to complete any proposed Lough Oughter Navigation Plan. The expenditure necessary to carry...More Button

Waterways Ireland has concluded that without an imperative reason of public interest (IRPOI) for the project, creating navigation is not a prospect either in terms of the adverse impact on the Eu...More Button

There is already extensive existing underused navigation for example at Belturbet and Waterways Ireland has reiterated the potential in the waters of the Lough Oughter area being promoted as a di...More Button

To this end, Waterways Ireland has met with the Chief Executive of Cavan County Council, other council officials and elected representatives concerning Blueways developed successfully on the Wate...More Button

Was asked: the blueway development projects which will be progressed in 2019; the funding for each project; the timescale for the development of each project; and if she will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Waterways Ireland commenced the development of Blueways as a means to attract new visitors to use the waterways, recognising changes in recreational activity with the growth in demand for activitie...More Button

Ulster Canal Restoration Project

Was asked: the specific funding allocation for the restoration of the Ulster Canal in 2019; the works to be undertaken; and if she will make a statement on the matter.More Button

In July 2007, the North South Ministerial Council agreed to a proposal to restore a 13km section of the Ulster Canal from Upper Lough Erne to Clones. This project is hugely important for the border...More Button

Arts and Culture Capital Scheme Funding

Was asked: the reason for the cost overruns in a project (details supplied); the status of discussions with Cork City Council as to the way in which additional funding announced in 2018 for the project is to ...More Button

This is a project led by Cork City Council with the development company BAM, having been selected by Cork City Council as the preferred tenderer. BAM in turn has engaged international events compan...More Button

The latest financial projections provided by Cork City Council to my Department indicates an increase in the original cost of project compared to when the project tender was issued in December 20...More Button

In light of this cost increase, Cork City Council wrote to my Department seeking additional funding of €10m for the project from the Exchequer. This would bring the Exchequer contribution to €22...More Button

Following detailed consideration and in light of the additional works which are now required for the Event Centre, my Department considers that, in accordance with public procurement rules, the t...More Button

Officials in my Department wrote to Cork City Council on 21 December 2018 regarding the provision of additional public funding for the development of the Event Centre. Furthermore, officials in ...More Button

Cork City Council is now reviewing the potential additional funding available and has stated they will formally respond to my Department shortly on this matter.More Button

Hare Coursing Regulation

Was asked: her views on the need to establish more robust criteria for the granting of licences in view of the amount of footage and evidence brought forward by animal welfare groups on breaches of licences f...More Button

My Department issued the Irish Coursing Club with licences in August 2018 on behalf of its affiliated clubs to capture and tag hares for the 2018/19 coursing season. There are 29 conditions associ...More Button

Officials of the NPWS of my Department have monitored 33 coursing events during the current 2018/19 season to date. During the previous 2017/18 season, 35 coursing events were monitored while du...More Button

The final event of the current coursing season will take place next Sunday 24 February. All reports in relation to the season will be reviewed and all issues arising, including possible breaches...More Button