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Barry, Mick

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Nomination of Taoiseach (Resumed) (Continued)

The nominee is quoted in the papers this morning as supporting a republic of opportunity. How does he square that with his support of the abandonment of the principle of equal pay for equal work a...More Button

Deputy Coveney recently expressed concern that Deputy Varadkar would lead his party further to the right. Deputy Varadkar himself recently suggested that workers who provide essential services, ...More Button

Appointment of Taoiseach and Nomination of Members of Government (Continued)

Deputy McHugh is to be the new Government Chief Whip. I am sure he was listening carefully to the Taoiseach’s acceptance speech today, where he indicated quite strongly that he supports a change t...More Button

These were the rules that they agreed at the Dáil reform committee just over 12 months ago. Our group, Solidarity-PBP, will make it clear tonight that those rules will not be changed without our s...More Button

Deputy Eoghan Murphy is to be the new Minister with responsibility for housing. He will face major challenges. Before I speak about them, I want to make some comments about the Minister leaving t...More Button

There are many more men and women in sleeping bags now than was the case when this Government took the reins. In fact, when Deputy Coveney took the position of Minister with responsibility for hou...More Button

Three families were forced to sleep rough in a nearby park.More Button

It is true.More Button

Let me say as well, a Cheann Comhairle, that the Minister can shout about fake news all he wants-----More Button

-----but the fact is that the number of homeless children in this State on his leaving his watch is far above when he took over the job.More Button

That is a fact by any standards. Will we have more of the same from the new Minister, Deputy Murphy, or will we see a change in policy? The Taoiseach indicates that there is to be an increase in ...More Button

Deputy Paul Kehoe is to be reappointed as Minister of State with special responsibility for defence. I do not think that they will be jumping up and down for joy in the barracks up and down the ...More Button

The final point I would like to make relates to a very particular case. That the Minister, Deputy Harris, is back in the Department of Health has been spoken of as some kind of punishment. If I...More Button

It would be an opportunity to introduce a national health service, which is what is needed in this country. However, the very first thing I would do is attempt to ensure justice for Vera Twomey. ...More Button

Yes.More Button

Let us see what Vera Twomey thinks about the debate here tonight----More Button

-----and what the Minister, Deputy Coveney, has to say on the issue.More Button

Yes, she is a vulnerable person which is precisely the reason-----More Button

She is a good person. I agree with that entirely. What should be done on foot of those points are two things. First, stop the foot dragging and the attempt to delay the Bill to legalise medicina...More Button

-----and do what needs to be done and talk to the people in the HSE to ensure-----More Button

Stop interrupting..More Button

The Irish Medical Organisation has called for change on this issue.More Button

It is the Government's foot dragging-----More Button

My time is up because of the interruptions.More Button

I will finish on this sentence.More Button

I will finish on this sentence. I have the record tonight of being interrupted by the greatest number of Ministers. Is that not some record to have?More Button

Stop delaying. Stop the foot dragging on the legalisation of medical cannabis and do what needs to be done to assist Vera Twomey. Stop the scandal of her being forced to leave the country to get ...More Button