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Rock, Noel

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Sports Organisations

We have all been taken aback by the ongoing corporate governance and financial issues within the Football Association of Ireland, FAI. I strongly believe now is the time to set the course right, s...More Button

Six weeks ago, Jonathan Hall Associates was appointed to provide a report on senior management structures and the role of chief executive officer, CEO, as the FAI plans for the launch of a new st...More Button

I met an expert in sporting governance who is currently undertaking such a review within a sporting body in another jurisdiction. That review is coming to a conclusion. It took a year. How cou...More Button

On finance, I have spoken with current and former employees of the FAI and am disturbed by what I hear and the documents I saw. While the committee continues working with these sources and ready...More Button

Sports Organisations (Continued)

In the Minister's recent response to a parliamentary question I put to him, he said:More Button

In football terms, the response here was what we call a set piece. There was no deviation from the scripted answer and there were no answers to the questions I posed so I may as well ask them again.More Button

We saw the revelation of an undeclared director's loan. The question has to be asked: why was this necessary? Is it the only time it happened? Why was it not declared? Has the Minister spoken...More Button

It is time we looked at where taxpayers' money is going as there are clear omissions in the information being given from the FAI to Sport Ireland and to the committee on which I sit.More Button

Tax Code

Asked the Minister for Finance: his plans to update the tax status of unmarried couples who are together for long periods of time but taxed as single persons and not entitled to benefits such as tax breaks on inheriting assets, t...More Button