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McEntee, Helen

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

European Council: Statements (Continued)

In his statement, the Taoiseach spoke in some detail about the European Council's discussions on Brexit, migration, jobs, growth and competitiveness, and economic and monetary union. As he indicat...More Button

First, I will speak about enlargement concerning the Western Balkans in particular. In relation to the enlargement and stabilisation process, the European Council welcomed the agreement reached ...More Button

The European Council also endorsed the conclusions of the General Affairs Council on enlargement. Those had been agreed, after lengthy discussion, at the General Affairs Council, which I attende...More Button

Ireland is a firm supporter of EU accession for countries willing to take on the responsibilities and obligations of membership, provided that all conditions are met, and we support the European ...More Button

I encouraged them to seize the momentum provided by the renewed focus on the western Balkans and assured them of Ireland’s support as they carry out the reforms necessary to meet the high standards...More Button

The June European Council set out important strategic directions on innovation and digital policy issues, reflecting the very constructive discussion by our Heads of State and Government in Sofia...More Button

By early May, the Commission had presented just over 30 legislative initiatives under its digital Single Market strategy. The most recent package was issued on 25 April and largely completes the...More Button

I will outline the European Council discussions on the multi-annual financial framework. The Commission proposal for the multi-annual financial framework, which was published on 2 May, and its s...More Button

In recent years, Ireland has moved from being a net beneficiary of the EU budget to being a net contributor and will be a net contributor for the full period of the post-2020 multi-annual financi...More Button

This is a time of change within the European Union. We understand that we must deal with new priorities, including security, climate change and other issues, as well as the departure of the Unit...More Button

From Ireland’s perspective, we will carefully consider the implications of these proposals within the budget. We have given our very strong view that CAP and other well-functioning programmes su...More Button

I thank all Deputies for their statements and assure them that the Taoiseach and I will continue to report to the House in advance of and following the regular meetings of the European Council.More Button

I thank the Deputies for their questions. I might comment on a couple of issues raised throughout the debate.More Button

I have been told I cannot do a wrap up as part of this. There is another Minister doing the wrap up while I am taking the questions. I might have to come back to Deputy O'Sullivan on the Cuba que...More Button

I apologise. Syria was not discussed at the most recent European Council but was discussed at the February Council. Ireland is extremely concerned by what is happening and has continued to provid...More Button

A number of issues were raised about Brexit and the migration crisis, respectively. There has been a great deal of talk in the context of Brexit of the backstop ceasing to exist or being no long...More Button

There was also a suggestion that it is a waste of time for the Taoiseach or another Minister or Member of the House to travel to other member states. I acknowledge that when one travels to Polan...More Button

It has also been suggested that we are not preparing for a hard Brexit and that it was not until Guy Verhofstadt visited Ireland that we started to prepare. I assure Deputy Chambers and others t...More Button

A number of issues were raised having regard to migration. I point out that while there was a significant difficulty in reaching a conclusion at the discussions last week, a framework for moving...More Button

Strengthening our borders and, in particular, Frontex is about stemming illegal migration. Last year, illegal migration decreased by 80% and the overall figure has decreased by 95% since 2015. ...More Button

The budget has only been discussed and a proposal has been made of €896 million for the proposed MFF. The very first discussion of the overall individual issues took place only last week in a me...More Button

I thank the Deputy for his comments and questions. First, in terms of enlargement, Ireland has been consistently a supporter of the enlargement process, something which would have transcended Gove...More Button

We are also talking about the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Albania. We had a lengthy and somewhat difficult discussion at the General Affairs Council last Tuesday where a number of ...More Button

In terms of the multi-annual financial framework, MFF, I stress Ireland's priority is to ensure that our traditional forms of funding are maintained in terms of CAP, Cohesion, research and innova...More Button

The trade dispute was discussed but, as far as I am aware, it was not a significant item on the agenda. With the Council, there was a considerable agenda. From an Irish point of view, we do not...More Button

Eurozone reform is a topic that we thought would be opened up for much lengthier discussions last week. In the end, it was not. Ireland is clear in that our focus is on completing the Single Ma...More Button

In terms of PESCO, I am sure there would not be any issue with these projects being raised on the floor of the House, although the Business Committee would have to find space for a mechanism thro...More Button