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Stanley, Brian

Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

National Broadband Plan Implementation

Asked the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment: his views on the fact there is only one supplier left in the tender process for the national broadband plan; his further views on whether it is competitive for the State; and the capability of the ...More Button

My question relates to the national broadband plan. When will the Minister announce the tender for it and when will that process be complete? Only one supplier is left in the tender process. I r...More Button

I listened very carefully to every word the Minister said. He said the final tender has been submitted and will be considered in the days, weeks and months ahead by his Department. He told me alm...More Button

The Minister has only one bidder left in the process. He has no plan B. It is either Enet or he calls a halt to the process. It is not just Sinn Féin saying that. Earlier this year, Professor...More Button

The Minister has chosen the privatisation and Enet model, Enet being the only company that can do that. He has not been able to tell us the size of the blank cheque this will cost taxpayers. We...More Button

The programme for Government states: "We will...provide additional exchequer capital, if needed, to deliver on our commitment to bring next generation broadband to every house and business in the...More Button

Does the Minister still believe he will be able to run fibre to every home? We know that the 2020 target is unrealistic. As he knows, Enet runs the State's metropolitan area networks, MANs, syste...More Button

Another issue, on which I have not been able to get an answer from the Minister, is in regard to the cost of this contract. He has quoted commercial sensitivity but it is as if the taxpayers are...More Button

National Broadband Plan Implementation (Continued)

The Minister will have a pen in his hand writing a cheque for this fairly soon and we have no idea what it will cost. This cannot be nailed down and we cannot even get a price range. It is estima...More Button

Future of the Post Office Network: Motion [Private Members]

I am delighted to be here even though the ploughing is happening down on my own patch.More Button

I move:More Button

Future of the Post Office Network: Motion [Private Members] (Continued)

For someone on a pension of €220 a week, that could mean the first €30 or €35 could be gone on a taxi fare to get to the nearest post office to collect the pension.More Button

Co-location is another important issue. It is something I have supported from the outset, although I accept that others have opposed it at various times. Sinn Féin believes co-location is a rea...More Button

Given that banks have withdrawn from rural Ireland, we must consider the introduction of community banking. There was a commitment in that regard in the programme for Government, specifically fo...More Button

The post office is the last remaining service in many areas. Communities need services in order to stay alive. In addition to a postal network, communities also need broadband and rural transpo...More Button

The Minister needs to get the message here tonight that he is not a bystander in or a commentator on these matters. He is the shareholder on behalf of Joe and Mary public, the citizens of this Sta...More Button

Many proposals have been put forward on what should be done. Over the past two years, I, on behalf of our party, Sinn Féin, and my predecessor, the former Deputy Michael Colreavy, have put forwa...More Button

Despite the commitment in the programme for Government, that has not happened. The political will has been lacking, and this is the key issue. In its amendment, the Government calls for a propo...More Button

I made the point earlier today to the Minister that the issue of retirement should not equal closure. Just because somebody is retiring from a business or a job does not mean the factory should ...More Button

I want to revisit the definition of a settlement with the Minister. I refer to settlement areas with a population of 500. What about the town of Geashill in County Offaly? That town has 500 ci...More Button

If the Minister is extending the deadline to 31 October, what happens to the post offices that are due to close before that date? What about those that have already been closed? In County Laois a...More Button

The Minister has not committed to community banking.More Button

The banks have withdrawn from rural Ireland and what the Minister is proposing will allow the pillar banks to use the post offices to provide limited services, but the pillar banks will withdraw th...More Button

The whole process of reform of the post office network has been like watching paint dry. It has been like a slow bicycle race over the last seven years. It has been grinding on and on. The Oir...More Button

I also ask the Minister to bear in mind that people over the age of 70 are having huge difficulty in getting car insurance and I know many older people in rural areas who can no longer drive. Th...More Button

Energy Prices

Asked the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment: his plans to use his powers under the Electricity Regulation Act 1999 and issue a policy direction to the Commission for Regulation of Utilities concerning competition in the electricity supply mar...More Button

Climate Change Policy

Asked the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment: the details of the climate action fund to be paid out over the next decade; and the type of projects this will fund.More Button

Television Licence Fee Collection

Asked the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment: if he has considered a different model for the collection of the television licence such as pay at point of purchase.More Button

Litter Pollution

Asked the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment: the action he is undertaking to address the high level of litter across the State (details supplied).More Button

Medical Aids and Appliances Provision

Asked the Minister for Health: if the FreeStyle Libre sensor will be made available under the long-term illness scheme to those over 16 years of age to provide patients with the option between this sensor and an alternative sens...More Button