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Stanley, Brian

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Social Welfare Bill 2012: Second Stage (Resumed) (Continued)

Last week we saw a budget introduced here that was unjust and regressive. Unfortunately it has further deepened the divide in society between those who are well off and those at the bottom. For t...More Button

In the Bill the Government targets children, low earners, pensioners, small farmers, carers and the disabled. The Bill punishes those dependent on welfare for the sins of those who are well off....More Button

We do not have a cohesive jobs plan and the Government is forcing more and more households into the arms of social welfare dependency and moneylenders as a result. Yesterday a report published b...More Button

The best way to reduce the social welfare bill is to get people back to work. The abolition of the weekly PRSI threshold for all workers, including those earning only €352 per week, will impact ...More Button

The proposed child benefit cut is punitive and cowardly. It will be the political legacy of this Government. A family with four children will be down a further €58 a month. The total cut to ch...More Button

There are cuts that are not apparent in the Bill, hidden cuts that impose reductions for the second year in a row. The back-to-school clothing and footwear allowance is cut by €50. This allowan...More Button

The Social Welfare Bill is a litany of cuts and spineless decisions. Jobseeker's benefit was cut by three months following the earlier three month cut by Fianna Fáil. Only a short time ago it w...More Button

The Bill will impact negatively on small farmers.More Button

The proposed increase from 85% to 100% on farm income liable for tax will have a huge impact on small farmers, in particular this year owing to bad weather and fallen incomes. More Button

The Government's cut to the respite care grant has been greeted with a great deal of protest. I understand there will be another protest on this issue outside Leinster House tomorrow. This cut,...More Button

The Government is determined and is not for turning. Neither are the protestors for turning. They are not going to go away. What makes these cuts even more unbearable is that it was not necess...More Button

The Government had choices. A wealth tax could yield €800 million. Standardisation of discretionary tax relief could yield €965 million. A third rate of tax on income over €100,000, which prop...More Button

Confidence in the Government: Motion (Resumed) [Private Members] (Continued)

When the Government came to power, the Taoiseach proclaimed we would have a democratic revolution. I could use many words to describe the Taoiseach, but he is certainly not the leader of a democra...More Button

Fine Gael and the Labour Party are happily implementing the policies contained in the old Fianna Fáil programme. They are introducing water meters, water charges and a household charge of €100 p...More Button

The Labour Party has failed those who voted for it. It has failed to introduce the transformative change the Tánaiste promised before it came into power. Particular issues that have met fierce ...More Button

In commenting on last year's budget, the ESRI stated that a combination of taxes and welfare changes imposed greater losses on those on lower incomes. According to groups commenting this year, t...More Button

A Labour Party member, former councillor Bronwyn Maher, addressing a party meeting in Liberty Hall last Saturday, said: "The budget was not fair or equal, and has disproportionately affected the ...More Button

The uncomfortable truth those on the Government benches must own up to is that the cuts in budget 2013 are there for all to see. Jobseeker's allowance has been cut to nine months. Respite care,...More Button

Under the Labour Party and Fine Gael, no one earning less than €100,000 was supposed to pay more income tax. This Labour Party election promise has been shredded. Next year, those earning the l...More Button

Let me highlight one issue under the remit of a Labour Party Minister which is causing difficulties: SUSI, which deals with the allocation and administration of third level grants. Sinn Féin has...More Button

We cannot have confidence in the Government when it has failed to deal with bank debt and the mortgage crisis and to implement a strategy for jobs and sustainable growth. The Government has pass...More Button

Defence Forces Expenditure

Asked the Minister for Defence: the projected increase in fuel costs for the forthcoming year for the Defence Forces in view of the increases in travel that will result from the reduction in manpower; and if he will make a statem...More Button