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Cowen, Barry

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Questions on Promised Legislation

The Minister indicated earlier this week that he intended to introduce heads of Bill in this area in April. As such, new legislation may be forthcoming by the end of the year. Will the Tánaiste c...More Button

Bord na Móna

I raise this issue on foot of an ongoing review of the peat briquette production end of Bord na Móna's business. The review is clearly the result of a decline in sales of peat briquettes, although...More Button

Many Deputies are well aware of the history of Bord na Móna in the midlands region, particularly in my home county. The company is the lifeblood of the community and the bedrock of its economic ...More Button

Some time ago, I pointed out to the Minister that the previous Government had reintroduced and subsequently doubled the carbon tax on peat products. It did so against a backdrop of Bord na Móna'...More Button

Bord na Móna has diversified in the generations since the company commenced operations. Co-operation, negotiation and consultation were engaged in before agreement was reached between the compan...More Button

This morning, the Tánaiste stated the role of Government and Minister with responsibility for this area is one of oversight and that policy-making was not directly involved. Policy-making played...More Button

While I do not wish to belittle the obligations imposed on us by carbon policy in general, if one Government saw fit to have a derogation for peat products, another Government should recognise th...More Button

Bord na Móna (Continued)

I thank the Minister of State for his response. I had hoped the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment who has an oversight role relating to Bord na Móna among other semi-Stat...More Button

The Government has failed to recognise that this sector in its efforts to diversify and move to a different economy and in its efforts to move to having different driving forces within the local ...More Button