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Cosgrave, Liam

Thursday, 15 December 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 226 Nbr. 5

Debate on Adjournment (Christmas Recess).

The task which I believe should be uppermost in our minds in this end-of-the-year review, or our national stocktaking, is to look critically and carefully at the whole economy. It is pertinent to ...More Button

The Taoiseach has endeavoured to put as good a gloss as possible on the relatively few and, in the main, minor improvements in the economy. If, however, we take the evidence as disclosed by the vo...More Button

There are even more serious indications in the decline in a very important aspect of national undertakings, that is, the very remarkable drop in the number of new houses built with State aid and t...More Button

One of the reasons for the decline in house-building—despite the claims, and despite the figures published in the Book of Estimates, in respect of money being, in theory, made available on an...More Button

Those are the reasons. There is an adequate supply of cement. There are more than enough building operatives available. There is a large, capable reserve of unskilled labour anxious to secure e...More Button

That is the industrial position. There is not merely a decline in output but the position has now been reached in which this country for at least a year and a half has fallen behind the targets lai...More Button

The position is even more gloomy in agriculture. For the first eight months of this year, prices of store cattle showed a decline of over 14 per cent and of fat cattle, of over five per cent. Des...More Button

The Taoiseach referred to the facilities introduced by the Government to encourage the keeping of sows. It is significant that for the first eight months of this year there was a drop of just 18 p...More Button

One of the factors adverted to by the Taoiseach was the need for certain action in respect of general restraint in the economy. He quoted the recent retail sales figures to show there was some sli...More Button

While that occurred, the agricultural price index showed a decline of 1.8 per cent. That decline was evident, as I have said, in respect of store cattle. In fact, the most recent figures indicate...More Button

I think it is bad national politics for the Government to try to exploit the differences between the farming organisations. I believe this disunity between the farming organisations is not serving...More Button

There is ample evidence of an effort on the part of the Government to play off one against the other. That was evident in the manner in which representatives of one organisation were received and ...More Button

Farmers outside know this was a deliberate effort to try to exploit the differences between the two organisations. I do not believe that is good from the national point of view. It may have had t...More Button

What I really want to address myself to now is the lack of preparations in respect of our possible entry into the EEC. I personally am not responsible for any views expressed by anyone or any com...More Button

The position, as we see it, is that the recent change of approach by the British Government, to use a description so often employed nowadays, would re-activate the British application. In these cir...More Button

It seems to me that the vital task for this country is, in the first place, to increase industrial efficiency at every level and as speedily as possible in every sphere of industrial activity and, ...More Button

The EEC officials read all the relevant debates, discussions and proceedings not merely of this Parliament but of other Parliaments and are naturally influenced to some extent by the discussions an...More Button

But, over and above that—and this, I believe, is the factor the EEC people are not so familiar with—is the vulnerability of this country which is in close proximity to a very large indu...More Button

There is the other serious problem in respect of EEC membership for this country of the export tax reliefs which apply to industrial exports up to 1980 and, in respect of Shannon, until 1983. There...More Button

There is also the general conclusion, which was obvious from any information we had from the officials concerned, that—and this, I believe, applies particularly to the British application&mda...More Button

There are, of course, a number of other questions that require to be considered and steps which must be taken to bring this country into line with the member countries. Some of them were referred...More Button

During the course of his remarks, the Taoiseach referred to industrial relations and the fact that he and his predecessor and various Ministers, including the late Deputy Norton when he was Ministe...More Button

It is significant that the time covered by that report commenced with the agreement which was stimulated or encouraged by the previous Taoiseach, for political purposes, at the end of 1963 and the...More Button

I believe that the picture painted here by the Taoiseach this morning was an attempt to put the best gloss possible on the present economic position and the record of the Government, as was natural...More Button

Quite recently, the Committee of Public Accounts published its latest report and only this morning we had the Appropriation Accounts before the House. Ministers are continually making speeches at ...More Button

Some claim was made here by the Taoiseach that cattle stocks have improved. That is true, but I believe that there are more scrub cattle in this country today than at any time before the introducti...More Button

The position is that so far as we are concerned we welcome informed criticism. Politicians, whether in Government or in Opposition, are at times in need of informed and constructive criticism, but ...More Button

The most significant feature of the past 12 months has been the sustained and continuous growth in the Fine Gael vote. That was shown in the Presidential election and it has been followed up by an...More Button

Our record has been supported on an increasing scale in the past 12 months by these expressions of public confidence. The only Party that has increased its support from the voters is Fine Gael. Th...More Button

We are satisfied with the increase in our support. It is continuous and widespread and it will continue to be shown on a much wider scale and to such an extent that the present Government will rea...More Button