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Cosgrave, Liam

Tuesday, 7 June 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 223 Nbr. 1

Electricity (Special Provisions) Bill, 1966: Allocation of Time.

Before the Taoiseach concludes——More Button

That is what I wanted to find out.More Button

I think the Dáil is entitled to express very strong criticism of the manner in which this matter has been handled by the Government. The Taoiseach implied in his remarks a few moments ago t...More Button

It is suggested here that because of the gravity of the situation the timetable should be abridged. If the situation is as serious as we believe it is, we have no objection on this side of the Hou...More Button

No, to allow us to read the Bill.More Button

(Interruptions.)More Button

That is what I say. Adjourn to allow Deputies time to read the Bill.More Button

Yes. Some Ministers do not have too much to do; they could do something else. That would be all right. I quite agree to it but if, in a major crisis of this sort, a lead is not given by the Gove...More Button

The House has not yet even given leave to introduce the Bill.More Button

(Interruptions.)More Button

I know it, but the Government do not appear to know it. This has continued for five years. There has been chaos in industrial relations in the ESB for five years and nothing has been done about it....More Button

I suggest that the Bill be introduced and that the House adjourn or go on to other business while Deputies study it.More Button

Suppose leave is given to introduce it, we could then be given time to study it.More Button

Electricity (Special Provisions) Bill, 1966: First Stage.

This is the procedure I suggested earlier today. It has now been adopted. I gather Deputy Mac-Entee had some reservations about it.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Electricity (Special Provisions) Bill, 1966: Allocation of Time.

May I intervene with a suggestion at this stage? As I understand it, the intention is that the Seanad will meet tomorrow morning at 10.30. In order to facilitate a full discussion of the Bill, I ...More Button

Does it continue through the night?More Button

The position, as I understand it, is that we discuss this Bill until 10.30 tonight and, if not finished—it is unlikely that it will be finished—it will be resumed at 10.30 a.m. tomorrow...More Button

The date is changed.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Electricity (Special Provisions) Bill, 1966: Second Stage.

Surely the House should get some notice of this? We have had no notice of it. There has been no indication that it was going to be moved and we have no idea what it contains. At least we saw the...More Button

I have no notice of this amendment and subject to your ruling, Sir, I propose to speak.More Button

Possibly while the Chair is considering it, I could speak.More Button

I submit I am entitled to speak.More Button

This is a new procedure.More Button

As in the case of a similar piece of legislation which came before us five years ago, we regret the circumstances in which legislation of this sort has to be introduced, but we recognise that the i...More Button

This Bill is a last desperate effort to deal with the situation which has been allowed to build up over a number of years, a situation in which Government leadership was clearly needed and in which...More Button

What is important in this situation is that the causes underlying the present dispute have been known to the Government for many years and nothing has been done about them. When the legislation was...More Button

The history of industrial relations in connection with this matter or other matters proves that the workers cannot be coerced by the Government, by employers or anybody else. Ultimately, the only ...More Button

I want to repeat now what I said in the debate in 1961 on 1st September at column 294 of Volume 191:More Button

It is not when the dispute reaches the point to which this dispute has developed that legislation of that sort can be considered in the atmosphere in which it should be considered.More Button

We had no consideration of industrial legislation since then. We now find ourselves considering a problem of industrial relations in an atmosphere other than that which is appropriate for a calm a...More Button

I have no illusions about the difficulties of the problems involved in the issues which affect the present dispute. It is common knowledge that a cleavage exists and the cleavage issue is the relat...More Button

Recently the Quinn Report adverted to this fact and pointed out what has been generally known from the information available, that in recent years the relative position of manual workers not merely...More Button

It is in a matter of this sort that the Government had a clear duty to lead, to stimulate thinking on the kind of issues involved, to promote discussion leading to an acceptance by those immediatel...More Button

It is not good enough for the Minister for Transport and Power or any other Minister to abdicate his responsibility in this regard. It is no use telling other sections of the community, however hi...More Button

What the Government failed to grasp is that the time to secure agreement between employers and workers is when times are good. It is useless to wait until the situation has deteriorated before doi...More Button

This Bill is merely an effort to deal with symptoms; it can do nothing to solve the underlying causes and may indeed have the opposite effect. Drastic panic legislation of this kind can only make ...More Button

The time the ninth round wage agreement came into effect, when the climate was good and when there was general satisfaction, however secured and whatever the motives involved in securing it, was th...More Button

This was the situation and these were the problems which concerned us when Fine Gael advocated an incomes policy and when we urged on the Government the need for such a policy. Our proposals at tha...More Button

The Government have concentrated their attention solely on short term solutions by the manipulation of incomes to buy votes at elections. This cynical manipulation for the meanest and narrowest of...More Button

This particular measure can be justified only if it offers a breathing space to tackle the serious problems involved in the present dispute. The fact is that there are thousands of people in immin...More Button

It is not merely this dispute alone. It is easy to consider many cases where the livelihood of so many people can be so vitally affected as it is in the case of the electricity supply. There are p...More Button

It has been said both by the Taoiseach and by different Ministers that if the trade unions and the employers could come together and reach agreement, the Government would implement such agreement. ...More Button

The present Government secured the confidence of the country last year on the illusion that prosperity could be voted, on the illusion that by voting Fianna Fáil, prosperity and buoyancy wou...More Button