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Corcoran Kennedy, Marcella

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Mental Health Services Provision

I thank Deputy Wallace for raising this important matter and acknowledge the contents of the letter he read, which was very bravely written by a 14 year old. I know the Deputy will understand that...More Button

Children and adolescents who present with suicidal ideation in Wexford, depending on their presentation or presenting problem, may be referred to a number of services including a school counsello...More Button

Child psychology services are delivered by a number of different agencies, including CAMHS, which employs psychologists, primary care psychology services and disability services for children with...More Button

Mental Health Services Provision (Continued)

Wexford mental health services have advised that the CAMHS psychologist relocated in November 2016 but that a replacement psychologist has been appointed for CAMHS. This psychologist will start ...More Button

Psychology services in Wexford are delivered through primary care and disability services across the catchment area of Wexford. Children or young people are usually referred to primary care psyc...More Button

When a young person discusses suicidal ideation within an assessment and-or intervention, he or she receives a thorough psychological assessment and intervention is offered to a high standard. I...More Button

The HSE tells me that it continues to endeavour to address such issues that arise through a number of measures. These include continuing to actively fill approved posts, monitoring waiting lists...More Button

I reiterate the good news, which is that a psychologist will start next week. This will certainly be an advantage. As I stated earlier, prioritisation of those on the waiting list will have to co...More Button

Ferns Diocesan Youth Service, which is funded through the HSE and partly funded by Tusla, is doing additional work. It provides supports for young people who are referred into the HSE substance ...More Button

Community Care (Continued)

I thank Deputy Deering for raising this very important matter. Cheshire Ireland provides a range of support services to people, often with very complex and high support needs with both physical an...More Button

In 2017, as part of the overall service arrangement which the HSE community health care organisation No. 5 has with Cheshire Ireland, a funding allocation of €1.965 million will be provided to Ca...More Button

As the individuals employed by section 39 organisations are not HSE employees, the HSE has no role in determining the salaries or other terms and conditions applying to these staff, including any...More Button

The Deputy asked a specific question on a commitment given by the Health Service Executive at a meeting of the Workplace Relations Commission. I have no information on that matter and I am not i...More Button

The Deputy is correct that the staff in question require clarification and certainty. As I stated, the information provided to me is that the HSE did not receive any request for funding from Chesh...More Button