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Harris, Simon

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Customs Bill 2014: Second Stage (Resumed) (Continued)

I am glad to have the opportunity to take part in the progressing of the Customs Bill through the House. As the Minister, Deputy Noonan, said in his opening remarks, most of the current national c...More Button

The purpose of the new Customs Bill is to consolidate, revise and modernise Ireland's existing national customs legislation. The Bill will repeal the existing legislation and will provide a sing...More Button

This legislative approach is at the core of the wider Better Regulation initiative. It will provide greater clarity and transparency and, in so doing, it will make it much easier to access the n...More Button

A number of Deputies raised the issue of fuel laundering and petrol stretching. The Revenue offences attaching to these practices and the powers of Revenue officials relating to detection and pr...More Button

Deputy Joe O'Reilly and others mentioned the introduction of a new marker. In this regard, following a joint process with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs in the United Kingdom, a new, more eff...More Button

Deputy Calleary referred to the penalties for offences relating to fuel smuggling and laundering and the need to keep them under review. Such penalties are laid down in the Finance Act 2001 and ...More Button

A number of Deputies referred to petrol stretching, which involves the illegal addition of kerosene or some other low tax commodity to petrol to defraud the Exchequer and the motorist. The finan...More Button

Deputies, including Deputy John Paul Phelan, raised the issue of tobacco smuggling. Deputies can be assured that combating the illicit trade in tobacco products is, and will continue to be, a hi...More Button

I take on board the comments of Deputies John Paul Phelan and Tony McLoughlin with regard to resources. I will relay their views directly to the Minister for Finance, Deputy Noonan. More Button

I thank Deputies for their constructive and thoughtful contributions during the debate. As the Minister signalled previously, a number of matters are still under consideration for inclusion in t...More Button

Customs Bill 2014: Referral to Select Committee

I move:More Button

Tax Exemptions (Continued)

I thank the Deputy for raising this important matter. I note his comments on the Central Bank's decisions on mortgages. The Central Bank is independent and it, not the Government, has decided on ...More Button

The introduction of the Local Property Tax, LPT, is part of a broader approach to the taxation of property, which aims to replace some of the revenues from transaction based taxes, which have pro...More Button

While there is no specific exemption from LPT for those over 65, they may be exempt or eligible for relief from LPT for another reason, or may be entitled to avail of a deferral arrangement under...More Button

Capital gains tax, CGT, and stamp duties might also be regarded as property related taxes. A CGT exemption is already available for the sale of a person's principal private residence. The exemp...More Button

While there is no stamp duty exemption in place, a rate of 1% on the purchase of a property would not represent a serious disincentive to a property owner considering trading down. In the circum...More Button

The Deputy's point on thresholds and entry points is valid and deserves significant consideration. The Minister, Deputy Noonan, and I debated it in this Chamber during the Finance Bill debate and ...More Button

Under the LPT legislation, the initial value of a property on 1 May 2013, assuming it was made in good faith, is valid until 31 October 2016. The next valuation date will be 1 November 2016. In...More Button

Flood Risk Assessments

Responsibility for identifying and implementing appropriate measures to address flood risk at Bellurgan, County Louth rests with Louth County Council (LCC) in the first instance.More Button

LCC, with the support of funding provided by the Office of Public Works (OPW), engaged consultants in 2011 to assess the condition of the embankment and to make recommendations for any necessary...More Button

It is open also to LCC to utilise its own resources to undertake any works required on the Bellurgan embankment.More Button

Departmental Properties

I propose to take Questions Nos. 147 and 150 together.

  The following shows details of the properties leased by the Commissioners of Public Works in Portlaoise:

More Button

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