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Harrington, Noel

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Public Sector Pay and Conditions: Motion (Resumed) [Private Members] (Continued)

I have to wonder what is the purpose of this motion given it is proposed by the last people in this House qualified to say anything credible about public servants and sustainable pay, conditions an...More Button

The measures that his Government put forward could only be described as short-sighted, basic and, ultimately, far too expensive for a country whose economy would shortly run aground. The benchma...More Button

The sacrifices the men and women of the public service have made in recent years have been particularly difficult but this has led to a more efficient public service which is becoming fit for pur...More Button

One of the main issues that surfaced during the negotiations directly affected those earning more than €35,000 but less than €65,000. The basic pay was to remain untouched but some allowances wo...More Button

I should state the cost of public sector salaries is now nearly €19 billion of Government expenditure. I would combine this with the cost of the total expenditure on social welfare at nearly €20...More Button

I have spoken to people who voted against the agreement. They accept that cuts were necessary and they even accept that they themselves would have to contribute again. However, one person point...More Button

I note the motion specifically calls for engagement, no legislation and full disclosure. Talk about a conversion from a party that previously acted unilaterally to cut pay levels. It is a pity ...More Button

All the evidence leads to one conclusion, namely, that Fianna Fáil ran this country with only one objective in mind - that of buying elections with taxpayers' money. Its former leader even claim...More Button

Those opposite need to reassess their options. The old method of opposing the Government for the sake of opposition is not going to work. They need to come forward with responsible alternatives t...More Button

Social Welfare Benefits Waiting Times

Asked the Minister for Social Protection: if she will state for each payment issued by the schemes administered by her Department the processing time that it is currently taking to process these from the date of application to the final de...More Button