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Daly, Jim

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Ceisteanna ar Reachtaíocht a Gealladh - Questions on Promised Legislation (Continued)

With respect, the Deputy is not a clinician and neither am I. I do not dictate the most appropriate care for the elderly and neither does he. That is a matter of fact. That is done by clinicians...More Button

It is not within my gift. I did not go to medical school.More Button

The Deputy raised the issue previously and I inquired of the HSE as to whether there were any efforts to move anybody from the facility and I was assured there was no change in the circumstances si...More Button

However, if an individual-----More Button

If the Deputy wants to call me a liar, that is a very different set of circumstances.More Button

I have been totally upfront.More Button

The Deputy's annoyance is understandable. I have no problem with that, but the facts still remain on the record of the House.More Button

My understanding is that there will be a decision this side of Christmas but I cannot box in the HSE in the negotiations by putting a deadline on it, but I am hopeful that there will be.More Button

I will.More Button

I presume the Deputy is referring to 7-7 care.More Button

The 7-7 is the first step on the route to 24-7. There has been very significant progress in the past 12 months, as the Deputy is aware. Since the programme for Government commitment was made, the...More Button

Respite Care Services

I am responding to this matter on behalf of my colleague, the Minister of State, Deputy Finian McGrath. I thank the Deputy for raising it and for giving me the opportunity to outline the position ...More Button

The Government’s ongoing priority is the safeguarding of vulnerable people in the care of the health service. We are committed to providing services and supports for people with disabilities whi...More Button

There has been a significant improvement in respite services this year.More Button

Respite Care Services (Continued)

An additional €10 million was provided this year to fund 12 new respite houses. That is one in each HSE CHO area and an additional three houses in the greater Dublin area to respond to the very hi...More Button

In the context of respite services within Cavan-Monaghan disability services, I am informed by the HSE that Steadfast House has the capacity to provide 1,008 adult respite beds per year. Annalee...More Button

I accept everything that Deputy Brendan Smith has said. I acknowledge that it is not just his right to raise this issue but his duty as a public representative. Our duty as a collective is to be ...More Button

Medicinal Products Availability

I thank Deputy Deering for raising this issue. I appreciate that a rare disease diagnosis places enormous stress on patients and their families and, as Deputy Deering is aware, access to potential...More Button

Medicinal Products Availability (Continued)

I want to assure Deputy Deering that the Minister for Health works tirelessly to address issues around access for patients to new and innovative medicines. The Oireachtas has put in place a robust...More Button

While the 2013 Health Act does not include provision for a specific rule set when assessing orphan drugs, the HSE and the NCPE seek to take into account issues such as patient numbers and the nat...More Button

The Deputy rightly identifies that increasingly drugs are being developed to target rare conditions and that these drugs often come with very high list prices. In that respect, the HSE is requir...More Button

Notwithstanding the challenges which orphan drugs present and the fact that the HSE and NCPE are mindful of these issues when assessing orphan medicinal products, a number of changes have been in...More Button

The challenge of accessing innovative medicines at affordable prices is one shared by most, if not all, developed countries. It is estimated that in the region of 45 new molecules are due to rec...More Button

I will take on the Deputy's challenge of putting in place a timeline for the range of initiatives outlined in my speech. There always will be tension between the State as the purchaser of importan...More Button

Palliative Care Services Provision

National policy on palliative care is contained within the 2001 Report of the National Advisory Committee on Palliative Care. While the quality and vision of the Report means it is still relevant t...More Button

As a response to current needs, the Palliative Care Services Three Year Development Framework was launched in November 2017. The objective of the Framework is to inform and direct the developmen...More Button

The Framework’s focus is to identify the gaps that exist in the current level of adult palliative care service provision and to present a set of recommendations and actions which, over the durati...More Button

The Framework was commissioned by the HSE, with support from the Department of Health. As this is a service matter I have asked the Health Service Executive to respond directly to the Deputy with...More Button

Home Care Packages Provision

As this is a service matter I have asked the Health Service Executive to respond directly to the Deputy as soon as possible.More Button

Social Welfare Benefits

The Department of Health has no role in the provision of non-medical financial supports.

  You may with to contact my colleague Minister Regina Doherty T.D., as assistance may be...More Button