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Flanagan, Luke 'Ming'

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Common Agricultural Policy Reform: Statements (Continued)

I wish to share time with Deputy Tom Fleming.More Button

I am glad this debate is taking place. When it comes to rural Ireland, I cannot see how any Dáil discussion in the next three years could be more important than this one. It is massive, not just ...More Button

I am delighted to have the opportunity to lead for the Technical Group on this issue which, as I said, is of massive importance. As outlined, the future CAP deal will see Ireland receive over €1...More Button

The importance of getting the maximum into Pillar 2 cannot be underestimated. In the communities on the western seaboard, schemes under Pillar 2 funding such as REPS and the disadvantaged areas sc...More Button

The cuts in Pillar 2 are one of the main reasons so many farmers on low single farm payments are adamant that they get a fairer distribution of funds in Pillar 1, namely, single farm payment. Th...More Button

To understand the anger, we need to look at what the European Union is proposing. Commissioner Cioloş is proposing a flat rate per hectare payment which would work out at about €250 per hectare....More Button

I understand that the Minister put forward a different proposal, namely, approximation. I think the IFA is also proposing this but I do not think anyone is quite sure what the IFA is proposing b...More Button

This model would see those with larger payments retain most of them. I can see why certain people in government want that to happen because there are many large farmers in there. Change must ha...More Button

I will deal with a major point in this debate, namely, productive and unproductive farmers. Obviously, we should expect farmers to be as productive as possible but the level of production will d...More Button

Another issue I want to discuss is the proposal for the Commission on greening, in particular the payment method which is a microcosm of the entire debate. The Commission has put forward a propo...More Button

Could I take one minute off Deputy Tom Fleming?More Button

Eleven years is a long time ago. As some people who are farming now believed in Santa Claus then, it should not be that relevant. What about the farmer who is entering farming with no historic pa...More Button

Let us front load payments, put in a fairly high minimum payment in the region of what the Commission is proposing and put a limit on the maximum anyone can draw down at €35,000. If one cannot s...More Button

Interim Report on Equine DNA-Mislabelling of Processed Meat: Statements (Continued)

I appreciate the opportunity to discuss this matter. I have not read the report, for obvious reasons. I will read it later. I have read quite a bit on this issue and a few people have contacted ...More Button

He says that at the present time there is no accounting for horses that leave the population through means other than factories that slaughter horses for the human food chain. Specifically, if a...More Button

The failure to record the UELN and microchip number of each disposed horse is important but it has no direct implication for the human food chain. But the failure of disposal agents to require a...More Button

Changes in zootechnic law that require horse disposal agents to take a horse's passport, record the death of the horse in the proposed on-line information system, and return the passport to the i...More Button

He also makes several recommendations. He says we do not need a database but an on-line information system. The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine is in the process of launching an ...More Button

This element of the database is very important because it will allow the Department's veterinarians at slaughter facilities throughout the EU and at ports etc. to compare the UELN microchip numbe...More Button

When a horse is prescribed a substance by a veterinarian that requires the animal to be removed from the food chain legislation must require the veterinarian not only to note the removal of the f...More Button

His second suggestion is that there be a centralised passport issuing agency. The requirement under legislation for an indivisible and secure equine passport would be better achieved if there we...More Button

The benefits of this integrated and centralised approach to passport issuance include, (a) the new security features, for example, holograms, special paper etc. can be implemented rapidly as ther...More Button

His final recommendation is for enhanced identification and control of animals removed from the food chain. Legislation should be passed containing the following elements: (a) the Department mus...More Button

I understand the Minister has received this information and I will be interested to hear what he thinks of it.More Button

Prison Accommodation

Asked the Minister for Justice and Equality: his plans for Harristown House, Castlerea, County Roscommon; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Departmental Staff Redeployment

Asked the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine: the number of years employees of his Department have been seconded to two private companies, the Irish Horse Board Cooperative Society Ltd and Horse Sport Ireland Ltd; if there are any current empl...More Button