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Colreavy, Michael

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Common Agricultural Policy Reform: Statements (Continued)

The coming reform of the CAP will determine the shape of agriculture in Ireland and the rest of Europe for the next six years and beyond. Our guiding principles in the negotiations must be the pro...More Button

There is general acceptance that the reference year is gone. We need a better thought out mechanism to facilitate new entrants, particularly young new entrants, to farming. While I do not know ...More Button

My point concerns the scale of the problem. One of the biggest challenges facing farming is the number of farmers aged over 80 years compared to the number aged under 35. This shows an industry t...More Button

There should also be an incentive for older farmers to lease their land to younger farmers, possibly through reduced tax rates to allow the younger farmers to be competitive in the start-up years...More Button

It looks likely that the maximum payment under the single farm payment scheme will be roughly €318 per hectare for the first 30 hectares and €190 for every hectare thereafter, which would provide...More Button

We also favour a situation where the greening payments under pillar II would be directed more at farmers in genuinely disadvantaged areas, rather than the current situation where Pillar 2 funding...More Button

When he was embarking on the negotiations, I wished the Minister and his negotiating team all the very best and I continue to do so. He has our full support, but we need to be very clear on the ...More Button