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O'Brien, Jonathan

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Financial Resolution No. 1: Tobacco Products Tax (Continued)

Our alternative budget also proposed to increase the excise by 50 cent and, therefore, we are clear that we support this measure. We are aware of the impact smoking has on people's lives, not just...More Button

While we support the increase in excise duty on cigarettes as one measure, and we will not vote against it, we will not support this particular measure tonight because a holistic approach is need...More Button

Financial Resolution No. 2: Capital Gains Tax (Continued)

Deputy Howlin covered most of what I wanted to say. It is very unusual to have a financial resolution such as this when there is no necessity for what is proposed to be done before midnight. The ...More Button

As Deputy Howlin stated, the Minister has not yet given us a reason for settling a rate of 12.5%. We know there was extensive lobbying of the Department to set it at 12.5%. I still do not underst...More Button

It is a mistake to rush this measure. Once the financial resolution is passed, there is nothing we can do. The amendment which has been put forward calls for a report. If such a report were to...More Button

It is a bit disingenuous of the Minister to say we have to do it tonight before-----More Button

I will shout if the Ceann Comhairle wants me to.More Button

It is a bit disingenuous of the Minister to say the reason we have to do this tonight is because companies may reorganise their tax affairs. Companies know this is happening. They know a directiv...More Button

It needs to be put on the record that we are in favour of this particular measure but we cannot support it being rushed through tonight with a rate being set at 12.5%. It would not be responsible ...More Button

Companies know that already.More Button

Companies know it is imminent.More Button

It should never have been tabled in the first place.More Button

Financial Resolution No. 3: Value-Added Tax (Continued)

I will be brief in order that as many Members as possible will be able to speak.More Button

This measure goes too far. No doubt, as has been said, the hotel sector in Dublin is booming. One of the difficulties, however, is that one cannot have a regional VAT rate outside Dublin. Ther...More Button

Lansdowne Road Agreement Implementation

Asked the Minister for Health: the pathway provided for full pay restoration in view of the fact that recent negotiations regarding the pay restoration of section 39 workers have concluded with reports of a deal being struck at ...More Button