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Corry, Martin John

Thursday, 15 December 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 226 Nbr. 5

Debate on Adjournment (Christmas Recess) (Resumed).

I had hoped that, having expended all their wind in the past few weeks in Kerry and Waterford, Deputies opposite would find something better to do today than come here to tell us about the speeches...More Button

I can tell the Deputy that we selected the right Taoiseach and we got the result in the two by-elections. Deputy Donegan was selected as shadow Minister for Agriculture by Deputy Dillon when Deputy...More Button

Exactly, word for word. The Deputy should stop interrupting and mind his three heads of cabbage and puck goat up in Donegal and stick to them.More Button

If the Deputy cannot conduct himself, put some whiskey in that jar and give it to him. I am dealing in facts and that was Deputy Donegan's contribution to the export of our milk products.More Button

His contribution was to say that 75 per cent of the milk that goes into the creameries from the farmers was too dirty for processing.More Button

Deputy Donegan now comes along and—God help Deputy Cluskey when he starts—will be in charge of trade unions. I suppose he will be the new shadow Minister for Labour if he succeeds in j...More Button

He went a long way in this because he went on to deal with proportional representation and the wiping out of the Labour Party if proportional representation was not there.More Button

That was his statement here tonight—that the Labour Party would be wiped out——More Button

——in single seat constituencies. I am in favour of single seat constituencies because, in my opinion, you get a much better Deputy from such a constituency than from a constituency of f...More Button

In my constituency, the Labour Deputy is Deputy McAuliffe. I believe that if it were a single seat constituency, he would always be returned because he has worked. I would say the same thing for We...More Button

Then we had Deputy Barrett telling us about unemployment as Deputy Donegan did. I am only dealing with their contributions. I wonder when Deputy Barrett went to Kerry did he inform them that he h...More Button

That is the constituency in which your pal said in his election address he was going to close down Verolme Dockyard and all other extravagances of that kind.More Button

The people who like to come in here to talk about the number of unemployed under the Fianna Fáil Government are the people who stood up in this House deliberately and endeavoured to sabotage...More Button

I heard Deputy Dillon talking about housing. Why are houses needed in this country today? They are needed because Deputy Seán Lemass initiated the policy of industrialising this country. ...More Button

What is the Deputy going to do with his puck goat?More Button

I am giving the position of my constituency as I find it, combined with the efforts of some gentlemen to prevent employment being given there.More Button

There have been 180 houses built by Cork County Council around the borough area of Cobh and there have been 110 more houses built by Cobh Urban Council. The reason there are over 300 houses requir...More Button

The young men you tried to hunt out of Rushbrooke.More Button

Appalling conditions, at £25 a week. These houses had to be built because those young men, instead of having to face the emigrant ship, found there was employment now for them at home and th...More Button

The Deputy ought to mind the three heads of cabbage and the puck goat. If it eats the three heads of cabbage, he will have to sell it.More Button

That was the position in connection with housing and that is the reason we want houses in the country today.More Button

That is first in the order of priorities. Those young men, having now, thanks to Deputy Seán Lemass and the Fianna Fáil Government, secured constant employment, are now entitled to a...More Button

Not by the policy you adopted when you formed a mixum-gatherum Government twice and ran out. I heard Deputy Donegan talking this evening about the contracts that were put back. You did not put th...More Button

We remained here. Your colleague, Deputy O'Higgins, had a straight fight in the whole Republic and he was beaten.More Button

I thought, from all the shouting we heard here about threats to move writs, we would see somebody coming in over there. Labour know you too well. They had experience of you before. The last time...More Button

I had hoped for better things from Labour in the by-election. I hoped Labour would at least come second. In fact, I was nearly prepared to concede them the seat in the two by-elections in the hope...More Button

We heard a lot of talk from Deputy Cluskey. It would have been a good job for the Labour Party if they had kept Deputy Cluskey at home in the recent by-elections. That is honest and above board. ...More Button

That is what is wrong with him. I have a kind of sympathy for him, although it is no good having sympathy for him now. Deputy Cluskey went down to Kerry and the trade union hours were so imprinte...More Button

That is what happened Labour in the by-election. You cannot bring in trade union hours and have them so imprinted on your mind that you will not work after them.More Button

The gap between the agricultural worker and the industrial worker is widening every day. That is unfortunate. If the agricultural worker, be he small farmer or labourer, were to impose a five-day ...More Button

If there are to be trade union hours in this country, if there is to be the 40-hour week and no work on Sunday unless they are paid overtime for it, then let that apply to the rural community as we...More Button

When I was so rudely interrupted by those chatterboxes over there, I was comparing the position in which I found my constituency when I first took it over 39 years ago with its position today. In ...More Button

We brought Ford's there, lad. In your election address, you guaranteed your constituents that you would close Rushbrooke Dockyard. You closed Rushbrooke Dockyard. I will tell you that it shook th...More Button

The next place I will come to is the town of Midleton. In the town of Midleton today, there are at least 1,500 people employed between the wireless factory, the distillery and our little job above...More Button

If you have not these industries going in other constituencies, well, if you had single-seat constituencies, you would have them because you would get rid of most of the drones after two elections....More Button

Last year, we employed roughly 80 in that factory. We paid £47,000 in wages and we paid £75,000 to the farmers for producing crops. That is a good turnover in one year. Next year, pl...More Button

I was absent here for a couple of hours today because I had to go over to Foras Tionscal to lodge an application for a further grant. Within the next two years, we shall have the full 2,400 acres ...More Button

Where was your quota? I thought, with all the clacking made by you and when you got the few farmers to sit on the steps on the day of the election, and for two days before it, you were going to pul...More Button

What reason would they have to give Fine Gael their No. 2 vote? Can anybody over there give me a sound reason why any worker in the Verolme Dockyard would give a No. 2 vote to Deputy Fitzpatrick w...More Button

Why should they do it? They saw, before Fianna Fáil came in here, before Deputy Seán Lemass started his industrial policy here, the outlook that was before them. You had the farmer w...More Button

The leopard never changes his spots and that is true as far as you are concerned. I saw that tried out. That was the condition of affairs that obtained then. Now, if a man is rearing a family, h...More Button

If the Deputy will come down, I will show him where I put his three heads of cabbage.More Button

I suppose what happened to you was that if you took the puck goat to Kerry he might be taken down.More Button

I am sure he has a bigger whisker on him than the fellow you have there. That is where you made a mistake. If I had a puck goat like that, I would take him down and would not be making a noise ab...More Button

No. You could not put your puck goat anywhere else. I heard you were down around Dingle with him.More Button

Do not come moaning here about the price of livestock when all of you have to sell is a puck goat.More Button

I am far more intelligent than the Deputy.More Button

That is why I am here so long. I am afraid I will lose the Deputy next time. I would not like to. When they talk here about the rumpus in the Fianna Fáil ranks in regard to the election of...More Button

Why——More Button

I am prepared to produce for the information of Deputy O'Higgins the records of this House to prove what I am saying——More Button

——that Deputy Dillon left the Fine Gael Party.More Button

If these fellows said to me in the morning that I would have to get out, I suppose I would nearly have to go.More Button

He was afterwards taken back into the fold. He was tried out as Minister for Agriculture for a bit and as a result of his activities in that period, we had an illusion, which bears out my contenti...More Button

He agreed with me.More Button

I am giving a description of the manner in which those things were brought about and the result. As a result, the negotiating committee of the Beetgrowers Association met General Costello the foll...More Button

We have Deputy Donegan complaining and wanting to know the position with regard to the price of wheat. They are now asking why we should import wheat when the price of foreign wheat has gone up by...More Button

These are hard facts but they are there. The only time I saw these people anxious for wheat growing was during the war years. I saw them buying Irish wheat from 1914-1918. I ate bread in Crumlin...More Button

It did not do me any more harm than the hunger strike I had to do in Newbridge for my friends opposite. I am now 77 years of age and I am going to retire from this House in 1985.More Button

You can take a bet on it, and you will win. I firmly believe that before that time comes, I will see Deputy Coughlan as Finance Minister in this House.More Button

That is where they lost. If I were Minister for Agriculture, I would have the whole country as I have my own little constituency, plenty of employment and my farmers working and satisfied and not s...More Button