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McConalogue, Charlie

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 754 Nbr. 3

Topical Issue Debate - Hospital Services

We are seeing a repeat of a trend in the health service since the Government and, in particular, the Minister for Health, Deputy James Reilly, took office. There has been almost a 50% increase in ...More Button

The Minister said he would not be closing any hospitals. This was the same promise given during the general election campaign with regard to Roscommon County Hospital and other hospitals, yet when...More Button

The Minister stated the retirement of staff under the early retirement scheme would not result in a diminution of services or have an adverse impact on patient treatment times. This week, however,...More Button

The one area in which treatment is not elective is maternity services. Babies will continue to be born; the Minister cannot apply the brake and tell people to hold off in terms of the number of ba...More Button

I refer to comments made by some of the professional staff working in maternity services. The director of the HSE obstetrics and gynaecology programme, Professor Michael Turner, said staff reducti...More Button

I refer to staff reductions in the Mid-Western Regional Maternity Hospital which will occur next month. Consultant obstetrician Gerry Burke has stated a huge exodus of the most experienced midwive...More Button

Unfortunately, the response of the Minister of State does not give me any heart or additional assurance——More Button

I know. I refer to how the Minister for Health and the HSE has prepared for the retirements. The Minister of State referred to how the HSE’s regional service plans will deal with the situat...More Button

It is one mirage after another with the Minister. He said there would be no cuts to the number of beds, no increase in health insurance premia and no reduction in services as a result of retiremen...More Button

I see no evidence to date, nor in the response today, that the HSE or the Minister is on top of the issue or has any grasp of how we will deal with it. Consultants have said that if there is a pla...More Button

International Agreements: Motion

Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

International Co-operation: Motion

Yes IndicatorVoted Yes More Button

Community Employment Schemes: Motion

I propose to share time with Deputy Timmy Dooley.More Button

My party supports the motion put forward this evening and calls on the Government to reverse its plan to cut the materials budget for community employment schemes throughout the State. The Ministe...More Button

We are now hearing from the Minister, Deputy Burton, that it is not her intention to close down any community employment schemes. However, she must realise that the materials grants, which heretof...More Button

That is the message the Minister will get if she talks to scheme supervisors, participants and sponsoring organisations. They have no doubt that this cut is putting the very future of their scheme...More Button

It would suit Deputy Michael McCarthy better to talk to the Minister rather than to throw smart comments across the floor.More Button

We must ensure this important issue remains at the centre of the Minister’s attention. For her to talk about this cut as being part of a review, a component of her master plan for employment...More Button

The demand for participation in CE schemes has increased dramatically during the past couple of years. There are people at home unemployed who want to contribute, to be doing something useful, to ...More Button

CE schemes are important. As of December there were just under 22,000 people on the live register in Cross, County Donegal. While in 2010 more than 500 young men in the area came off the live reg...More Button

I urge the Minister, Deputy Burton, to reverse these cuts. CE schemes are essential to many areas, groups and local communities. I urge her to reverse these cuts.More Button