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Wallace, Mick

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

School Accommodation Provision

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: the measures she is taking to address the ongoing lack of secondary school places in Wexford town, which is forcing many parents to send their children 25 kilometres each way to schools in Enniscor...More Button

There are not enough places for children in and around Wexford town for children to attend school close to their homes. The waiting list has reached crisis level. What does the Minister plan to d...More Button

At present, four of the five schools in Wexford town have a waiting list of between 160 and 180 students. This is projected to get worse in the coming years. Loreto has capacity for 720 and that ...More Button

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: her views on the construction of an additional secondary school in south Wexford, given the long waiting lists for schools in the region; and if she will make a statement on the matter.More Button

This question is related to the previous question. Rather than repeating what I have said, I will discuss another dimension of the issue, although I realise it is not raised directly in the questi...More Button

Will the Minister indicate if any of the four projects currently planned for Wexford are PPPs? I wrote to at least six Departments seeking information on PPPs, including the Minister's Department....More Button

The Minister mentioned primary schools and it is interesting that the Irish National Teachers' Organisation recently stated "90% of children in Wexford primary schools are being educated in class...More Button

I understand that the Minister might not have the information on PPPs now but it would be great if she could revert to me on the projects planned in Wexford. It would be great to know how many o...More Button

The Minister has stated the Government did not have the money to do it until now. I know PPP payments are current expenditure rather than capital. The Government can borrow money at 1.7% and it c...More Button

School Accommodation Provision (Continued)

It is beyond me how Wexford fares so poorly in so many areas. Many issues start with education. It is not without reason that unemployment in Wexford is over 22%, that we have one of the highest ...More Button

It appears the figures on the ground are different. I am surprised the Minister, Deputy Howlin, did not bring back a starker picture because of what we hear from parents in the area.More Button

It is good that work on Loreto is starting. It is interesting that one cannot open a regional newspaper now without seeing somebody from the Government parties turning a sod. What was the Governm...More Button

All of a sudden there is a surge to do something.More Button

I do not understand how for five years-----More Button

-----the Government did so little in this area.More Button

It is a bit like the idea that people should vote for the Labour Party and it will repeal the eighth amendment to the Constitution. What has the party done in the past five years and why did it no...More Button

It is beyond me how the party operates.More Button

It will save a lot of money in the long term and is such a good investment for the country. Money has probably never been as cheap in our lifetime as the 1.7% rate at which the State can borrow. ...More Button

The Minister is misinterpreting me.More Button