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Troy, Robert

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 762 Nbr. 1

Medical Treatment (Termination of Pregnancy in Case of Risk to Life of Pregnant Woman) Bill 2012: Second Stage (Resumed)

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Thirtieth Amendment of the Constitution (Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance in the Economic and Monetary Union) Bill 2012: Second Stage (Resumed)

Is that agreed? Agreed.More Button

There is almost eight minutes of Government speaking time remaining if you wish to avail of it.More Button

That is agreed.More Button

The Deputy, without interruption.More Button

Deputy Maureen O’Sullivan, without interruption please.More Button

Deputy Mattie McGrath has the floor. He should continue with his contribution to the debate on the Bill.More Button

Deputy Mattie McGrath, without interruption.More Button

Deputy Mattie McGrath’s time is exhausted.More Button

I thank the Deputy.More Button

Yes.More Button

I call the Minister for Justice and Equality. I understand he is sharing time.More Button

Does the Minister wish to allow the Taoiseach to make his contribution first?More Button

The Government will need our help to pass the referendum.More Button

I thank Deputy Michael McGrath for sharing time. I will be brief as my party colleagues have articulated the Fianna Fáil Party position of support in this important referendum. It is good ...More Button

The Tánaiste and Minster for Foreign Affairs and Trade is present in the Chamber. I ask him to encourage his colleagues in the Cabinet and on the backbenches to refrain from adopting a part...More Button

While the treaty will ensure we will have protection in the future, that we will have prudent governance and that we will not end up again in a situation where there is such a high debt to GDP rati...More Button

The treaty will provide confidence for the markets in the future. Its passage will ensure our ability to avail of the European Stability Mechanism, should we need it. That is very important. It ...More Button

We need to sell a clear message. I compliment the IFA which has brought out supporting documentation for its membership. My party met and discussed the treaty earlier this week. We will be encou...More Button

Topical Issue Debate (Resumed) - Pupil-Teacher Ratio

I thank the Ceann Comhairle for the opportunity to raise this extremely important issue. It is very important given that yesterday was the final day for receipt of appeals from the small schools t...More Button

This is a very important and emotive issue and it is being discussed the length and breadth of this country. We all agree that savings need to be made across all Departments because the country ca...More Button

Small rural schools are the lifeblood of rural Ireland. The Department’s own whole school evaluation report clearly demonstrates that small schools throughout the country meet the needs of p...More Button

The Minister has been disingenuous when he compares the pupil-teacher ratio in small rural schools and small schools with the larger schools. He is not taking cognisance of the multi-class setting...More Button

My local school is Ballynacargy national school, which faces losing a teacher in September due to a decrease in the number of pupils by one. There are excellent teaching staff in the school. Huge...More Button

The value for money report will be published in the near future but it is disappointing that this decision has already been made. The Minister of State said that it is not fair to say that savings...More Button

We have talked about abolishing quangos. The Minister’s predecessor abolished a quango, the National University of Ireland, but the Minister reinstated it at a cost of €3 million per ye...More Button

Who will make the decision in the appeals process? Will it be made by the Minister or will he abdicate his responsibility and pass it over to somebody else?More Button

The Minister of State compared small schools and schools with a pupil-teacher ratio of 28:1 but that is not a fair comparison. There are multi-talented children in multi-class settings in smaller ...More Button

I ask the Minister of State to refer to this issue in the context of the discussion on opening up the patronage of many schools. The Church of Ireland and other minority faiths have come out quite...More Button

We talk about making savings but only yesterday we saw another ministerial adviser has been appointed and once again the salary cap, which the Government promised it would introduce when it came to...More Button

If schools are closed, the Government will interfere with parental decisions.More Button

I did not suggest that we populate——More Button

I am talking about repopulating by way of transport.More Button

The Minister of State is misrepresenting me. I am talking about repopulating.More Button

Written Answers - Higher Education Institutions

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: if the recent Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings which failed to feature an Irish university is a cause for concern; the way he intends to address this continuing fall in rankings amo...More Button

Written Answers - Schools Building Projects

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills following: the recent publication of the five year school building plan, the implications for schools which want to apply for a new school building; if they will have to wait another five years before they ca...More Button

Written Answers - National Lottery Funding

Asked the Minister for Health: when an organisation (details supplied) who made an application to his Department for national lottery funds for a community mini bus for Longford, will receive a decision on the application. More Button