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Tóibín, Peadar

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

British-Irish Co-operation (Continued)

The Deputy should get on the field and puck the ball.More Button

Why is it only up to Sinn Féin to represent the people in the North? Is there not a responsibility on the part of the Taoiseach's party to do so?More Button

Scéimeanna Teanga

Cúpla bliain ó shin bhí Dinny McGinley anseo. Dar le daoine go mbeadh na pleananna teanga ina slánaitheoir don Ghaeltacht. Bhí a fhios aige go raibh an Ghaeltacht faoi bhrú uafásach agus sheol sé...More Button

Níl ach cúpla bliain fágtha ag an nGaeilge mar theanga pobail sa Ghaeltacht ag an bomaite. Faoi chúram Fhine Gael le seacht mbliana anuas, tá titim uafásach tar éis teacht agus é sin le feiceáil s...More Button

Tá pleananna difriúla ann. Má tá pleananna difriúla ann, an loighic atá ann ná go gcaithfidh suimeanna airgid difriúla a bheith ann. Má tá plean ann le níos mó béime ar dhaoine a bheith ag obair,...More Button

There is an answer to come.More Button

Tá an Rialtas ag smaoineamh íoc as as an mbosca bruscair airgeadais.More Button

Cruinnithe an Aire

I will take this question in English because I want the senior Minister to answer, if possible. Irish is a massive part of our heritage. It is rich in vibrant history, literature and thought, and...More Button

Conradh na Gaeilge, which will be celebrating its heritage in the coming years, has stated that it has asked for a meeting with the Minister and, so far, it has been refused a meeting. I received ...More Button

I was in Gaoth Dobhair a couple of weeks ago and met with a comharchumann there and I also met with a comhar cumann in Corca Dhuibhne in the west Kerry Gaeltacht. They could outline to the Minis...More Button

We mentioned, in the previous debate, the issues relating to the Irish language plans for the Gaeltacht. The former Minister of State, Dinny McGinley, told us this was going to be the saviour of...More Button

Chuir mé an cheist ar an Aire sinsearach.More Button

Is í sin an fhadhb.More Button

Is í sin an fhadhb.More Button

Is fadhb í mar chuir mé ar an Aire í.More Button

I am going to continue in English in view of the fact that I addressed this question to the senior Minister. The answer is in the words "senior" and "junior". Irish is not a junior issue; it is a...More Button

I spoke to an Irish language education expert. She told me that there are 800 children in the primary education sector who come from Irish-speaking families in the whole of the Gaeltacht. That ...More Button

The Minister of State mentioned Gaelscoileanna. Some 25% of the parents of this country want Gaelscoil education for their children yet just 5% currently receive it. Within the Department of Ed...More Button

Cruinnithe an Aire (Continued)

How many schools are involved in that?More Button

National Monuments

The Minister might feel I do not give her credit for good work she does. However, I agree the ministerial forum on Moore Street was a good initiative by her, as was the advisory group it subsequen...More Button

We have hit a roadblock, however, with two of the recommendations from the ministerial forum, namely, that there should be an understanding of what the battlefield site should look like and that ...More Button

Cultural Policy

I submitted a parliamentary question to the Minister recently on the Irish Film Board. The film board does good work and it is wonderful to see the results of that. However, it is also necessary ...More Button

I am also slightly concerned about the structure of the tax breaks in the sector. What we must do with those tax breaks is ensure we are left with a growing, deeper infrastructure that produces ...More Button

UK Withdrawal from the EU: Statements (Resumed) (Continued)

Political activism is mainly a hard grind. Progress is usually frustratingly slow and barriers to development often seem insurmountable. However, on rare occasions big objectives coincide with ma...More Button

How we might mitigate the Brexit disaster will determine the economy and the politics of the island for a generation. Top of the list of threats to us is a border between North and South. Trade...More Button

There is a solution, however, one which provides for the free flow of people and goods, namely, special designated status. For a few months, Sinn Féin was alone in pushing for this solution. Howe...More Button

The European Union wants to punish Britain for the Brexit vote to ensure no other member state dares consider exiting the EU. Strangely enough, this desire to punish Britain presents the State w...More Button

For the first time since the foundation of the Northern state, unionists have lost their majority position in the North. This is one of the most important developments in the North in my generat...More Button

The democratic will of the Dáil is in favour of designated status for the North. The main opposition party in Britain is also in favour of designated status, as are the European Union and the ma...More Button

There are, however, challenges. We have a clueless and disinterested Tory Government in London and a Government here that is weak, feeble and reluctant. While we do not have any control over th...More Button

To reiterate a point that was well made by Deputy Broughan, the biggest threat to the European Union is not the United Kingdom Independence Party or the Alternative für Deutschland but EU federal...More Button

The President of the Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, has raised the issues of consolidated corporation taxes and a European army immediately after a major country decided to leave the Union. Th...More Button

Departmental Funding

Asked the Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht: her views on whether the State investment in a centre (details supplied) is value for money.More Button

Heritage Sites

Asked the Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht: if she will withdraw from the appeal to the High Court Moore street decision to allow the development of the Moore Street battle field site into a high quality historic and heritage area.More Button