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Ellis, Dessie

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Leaders' Questions (Continued)

He must give it to a research group.More Button

Social and Affordable Housing

I want to discuss the availability of Fingal County Council lands in Dunsink Lane for social and affordable housing and the positive effects that this would deliver and ask why we have sat on these...More Button

Fingal County Council is currently conducting an overall study of this area, which is included in its development plan. There is potential to build between 4,500 and 12,000 social and affordable...More Button

The city centre is only 4 km away. Dunsink Lane also contains vital road links between Finglas and Castleknock. The new Luas is located nearby at Broombridge. Dunsink Observatory and Elmfield ...More Button

Other local amenities and advantages include its proximity to the M50 and to the Royal Canal, allowing the extension of the cycling area. It would also provide access to the Phoenix Park and the...More Button

It is an area that has been neglected for many years. It unquestionably has great potential and would make a considerable dent in resolving the housing crisis. It would also help to alleviate t...More Button

This proposed project needs resources and a will to deliver them. There are considerable advantages in doing this. The land belongs to the local authority, Fingal, and if we ever needed a proje...More Button

Social and Affordable Housing (Continued)

It is a massive place with beautiful surroundings. It has huge potential and I ask the Minister of State to talk to Fingal County Council to see whether we can get a project and money and see whet...More Button

What I find very frustrating in all of this is I have been raising this with Fingal County Council for years and we have had study after study. What we are looking at is a new study to see what is...More Button

The fact this land is available is constantly ignored. It was acquired a number of years ago through a compulsory purchase order as a result of people settling on the land. It is there and read...More Button

Water Services Bill 2017: Second Stage (Resumed) (Continued)

Ba mhaith liom a rá go bhfuilimid i gcoinne an Bhille seo. This legislation is another debacle in the long and sorry water charges saga. As we all remember and Fianna Fáil would like us to forget...More Button

Up until now, most of the narrative around the justification for the establishment of Irish Water involved blaming local authorities for the condition of the country's water infrastructure. It i...More Button

Previous Governments, just like the current Government, could have used additional targeted funding to provide for the additional capital infrastructure required to improve and upgrade water infr...More Button

Sinn Féin and the Executive in the North ensured a major package was made available in the North for investment in water infrastructure. Such investment meant there was no need to introduce wate...More Button

The Bill before the House raises a number of concerns. I am concerned about what it says and does not say. As I will set out shortly, there is a lack of clarity on some important issues. I am ...More Button

I am concerned about how the Government will decide to calculate what it regards as "excessive use" and about the allowance that will be available to households. The way the Bill is framed raise...More Button

The Bill does not make a distinction based on the number of people in a household. A household can have three or four children or teenagers. It would not be beyond one's imagination to deduce t...More Button

Fianna Fáil and the Government are happy to accept the false idea of excessive water usage. I would like to see evidence of the level of water wastage about which Fianna Fáil and the Government ...More Button

There is no doubt that people power forced the Government to backtrack on some of its more excessive ideas about water charges. I was a member of a local authority when bin charges were introduc...More Button

Táimid i gcoinne an Bhille seo. Tá imní orainn go bhfuil táillí uisce ag teacht isteach tríd an gcúldhoras.More Button

Occupational Therapy Staff

Asked the Minister for Health: when a replacement for the occupational therapist for the Finglas area, who is on maternity leave, will be put in place (details supplied); and if he will make a statement on the matter. More Button

Drug Treatment Programmes

Asked the Minister for Health: his plans to introduce suboxone for the treatment of narcotic addiction; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Drug and Alcohol Task Forces

Asked the Minister for Health: the allocation of funding that each of the local drugs and alcohol task forces received, in tabular form.More Button