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Ellis, Dessie

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Non-Use of Motor Vehicles Bill 2013: Second Stage (Continued)

Tax evasion is a serious crime. It is essentially theft from the public purse and involves taking from the funds of the nation in order to further enrich oneself and denying funding for vital serv...More Button

I do not believe the current motor tax code is fair. Sinn Féin believes it needs reform and we have put forward that point in debate on the recent motor tax Bill before the House. Today, we are...More Button

As highlighted in the excellent Bills digest compiled by the Oireachtas Library and Research Service, based on a study from 2010 and 2011, evasion of motor tax is estimated as being approximately...More Button

It will also stop drivers falsely claiming that they have put their cars off the road and seeking refunds of motor tax. Of course, some will continue to attempt to avoid both the tax and the reach...More Button

That is fair enough. I was just making the point.More Button

No system is perfect and errors can happen at any point. It would be preferable if people could have their new tax discs ready to go as soon as the old ones expire but this is not always so easy f...More Button

There is also the issue of a charge being applied for declaring that a vehicle is off the road. Surely if road tax has been paid for the vehicle in the past then that road tax should easily cove...More Button

I welcome the move to ring-fence motor tax money for the local government fund. The Finance Bill set aside €150 million of motor tax revenue for debt payment. This goes back to my earlier point...More Button

The other issue is that of consistency. I welcome the notion that money raised from the new offences of motor tax evasion will be ring-fenced for the fund. That is a good move. Sinn Féin propo...More Button

The most important point is that much of this will have no significant impact if not properly resourced. The Garda Síochána has been cut, left, right and centre. Garda stations have been closed...More Button

I note that the number of people declaring cars to be off the road has increased by 40% since 2008. That figure relates to the period before the more recent rises in motor tax. The last budget ...More Button

I question the benefit of making the Minister a licensing authority and I ask the Minister of State to explain the purpose of this provision. In my view, officials should be above reproach. Thi...More Button

Proposed Legislation

Asked the Minister for Social Protection: the date on which she will introduce the Social Welfare and Pensions Bill; and if she will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Community Employment Schemes Eligibility

Asked the Minister for Social Protection: if she will provide clarification on the situation concerning those mothers working in the home and their ability to receive a token social welfare payment which would allow them to access communit...More Button