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Daly, Clare

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Military Aircraft

Asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade: the role of his Department in regulating the activity of Royal Air Force, RAF, fighter jets empowered to carry out military operations in Irish sovereign airspace (details supplied); and if he will...More Button

There is a sort of secret pact between the British and Irish authorities which allows the RAF to intervene in Irish-controlled airspace in the event of a terrorist incident involving civil aviation...More Button

Military Aircraft (Continued)

That reply is wholly unacceptable. This issue has been debated in the Irish media for some considerable period of time, with sources such as five alleged senior personnel in the Irish Defence Forc...More Button

The Minister is playing with words. I did not ask him if there was an agreement. There are specific arrangements to be made if there is an agreement. If the Minister is saying there is no such a...More Button

That is not what I asked the Minister.More Button

Military Aircraft Landings

Asked the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade: his plans to review the use of Shannon Airport by the US military in view of the destabilising role played in the Middle East and elsewhere by the US, and if he will make a statement on the matter. More Button

As the Minister is aware, the US has been wreaking havoc across the Middle East for decades. It has taken a new departure with Donald Trump at the helm and his decision last week to drop 50 Tomaha...More Button

I take it from the Minister's stock reply to which we have been listening for the past six years that the answer to the actual question is that the Minister is not prepared to carry out a review of...More Button

I am beginning to wonder whether the Minister is going for the job of Garda Commissioner because his answers do not really match the reality. Will he tell us what he thinks all those aircraft are ...More Button

Mother and Baby Homes Inquiries

I welcome that the interim report is recommending further investigation into addressing the inclusion of those who have been excluded. I welcome that redress has been mentioned. This is obviously...More Button

I am concerned by the response of the Minister to the report and her claims that the focus of the report is on children who were unaccompanied by their mothers into the mother and baby homes and ...More Button

Redress was never at the heart of this issue. Over and over again, we never asked about redress. It was always about stolen identity, stolen lives and broken families. No amount of money can c...More Button

Mother and Baby Homes Inquiries (Continued)

What the survivors have always wanted is acknowledgement, apology and inclusion. The interim report goes some way to saying it warrants further investigation into including those who have been exc...More Button

Garda Commissioner: Motion [Private Members] (Continued)

The Minister made the point that it would be foolish to deviate from the path of reform. It is much more foolish not to realise that we cannot get onto the path if the person riding the bicycle is...More Button

It is incredibly tiresome to be here again discussing this, but Nóirín O'Sullivan is not going to survive and keeping her in the job is making the job of reform more difficult. That is not being...More Button

If we needed further evidence, the decision should have been taken after the O'Higgins commission findings and the evidence of the Commissioner's attempt to impugn the reputation of Maurice McCab...More Button

It comes back to the problem that what is being said in public and done in private are two different things. Most if not practically all, bar one, whistleblowers are on sick leave. Disciplinary...More Button

Report of the Fennelly Commission: Statements (Continued)

In some ways, the report is a little like the much awaited sequel to a Hollywood blockbuster: the second version never really cuts it like the first. That is not a reflection on Fennelly but it is...More Button

He gives a very good legal oversight of the illegality and unlawful nature of this practice and he should be complimented on that. What does it say that the Government and the hierarchy can take r...More Button

It is incredible, unbelievable stuff which amounts to mass ignorance, until it gets to the Holness case in Waterford. Let us remember that that was the first time GSOC initiated a criminal inves...More Button

I wish to put on record that the handling of the situation by the former Commissioner Callinan, as we said following the previous report, was perfect. It could not be faulted. Of course he was ...More Button

The main point on which I wish to concentrate is paragraph 1(m) in the terms of reference. Mr. Justice Fennelly was asked to examine whether the recordings of the investigation into the murder o...More Button

The Fennelly report did not rule in terms of the illegal drugs issue but the phone calls were tapped with the knowledge of the garda involved and much of the evidence would lead one to believe th...More Button

Two years ago I put on record that Ian Bailey’s legal team reckoned that the handling of his case had cost the State €40 million to €50 million. That is before all of the hours in assembling and...More Button

Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland

Asked the Minister for Health: further to Parliamentary Questions Nos. 247 and 248 of 2 March 2017, the status of the referred response which has not been received to date.More Button

Sports Funding

Asked the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport: if his attention has been drawn to the fact that total grant aid was provided to a college (details supplied) towards the provision of sports facilities, including a gym and sports hall; if his att...More Button