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Daly, Clare

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Budget Statement 2014 (Continued)

When I hear Fianna Fáil berating the Minister for using the lotto funds as a slush fund for next year’s local elections, it is a real case of the pupil becoming the master. The Government has beco...More Button

This is the Government’s third budget. Many hoped it would have been third time lucky but it has not been for most ordinary people in this State. If one was wealthy this morning, one will be ev...More Button

It is insulting to hear the Government talk about tackling a dependency culture among the unemployed. What about the real dependency culture of the banks on the taxpayer? What about the depende...More Button

The Minister is correct that this Government certainly does not create jobs but other Governments have. With 500,000 people unemployed and this Government’s rate of job creation, we will be waitin...More Button

We had to listen to the miracle Minister, Houdini Howlin, tell us he is going to pull off the miracle of providing more teachers, nurses, doctors, midwives and gardaí. It is not as if we need mo...More Button

At the same time, the Minister will be driving down the public service pay bill by €500 million. How is this genius going to accomplish this miracle? The only way is by a race to the bottom, slas...More Button

The Government claims it will provide 30,000 social housing units. That is not a start. It is a fig leaf. It is bit like prescribing Panadol to somebody with two broken arms and legs who has a...More Button

The problem is that the Government has taken billions of euro out of this economy, as had its predecessors. The Minister, Deputy Howlin, puts his chest out and talks about an education budget of...More Button

He says nothing about the €8.5 billion that we will be paying on interest on the national debt. Who is paying for this? Our children.More Button

While the Minister for Education and Skills makes the big claim he has not increased class sizes, he has created a hellhole for teachers and students. A teacher in my constituency wrote to me on...More Button

Ministers are immunised in their cosy little club in here but they do not actually know what is going on outside these doors.More Button

If they did, they would realise that to take away mortgage interest supplement when so many families are about to lose their homes is lunacy. Unfortunately we do not have much time but it is ironi...More Button

Financial Resolution No. 2: Tobacco Products Tax (Continued)

It is an insult to dress up this measure as a behaviour-altering measure. In reality, it is simply revenue generating. If this Government were serious about tackling the tobacco industry, it woul...More Button

If the Government were really serious about improving the health service and people's health, it would have considered in the budget the idea of a sugar tax. There are alternatives to using drin...More Button

Tax Compliance

Asked the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation: if he will remove the condition in the Consolidated Companies Act 2012 whereby small and medium businesses are subject to a compulsory audit for late filing of returns and instead apply a financial...More Button

Youth Employment Initiative

Asked the Minister for Social Protection: her plans to address high youth unemployment.More Button

Bord Iascaigh Mhara

Asked the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine: the reason Bord Iascaigh Mhara is hiring new staff in Clonakilty at salaries of between €65,000 and €75,000, despite the fact that staff in Dún Laoghaire are already doing the work that is advertis...More Button