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Humphreys, Kevin

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Order of Business

Last Monday, I attended a meeting with Deputies Maureen O'Sullivan and Ó Snodaigh relating to problems in the city where many worthy charities are collecting money. Nevertheless, a significant min...More Button

Financial Resolution No. 9: Income Tax (Continued)

I support this progressive resolution. I welcome Deputy Boyd Barrett's genuine submission. Fianna Fáil's contribution on the other hand is an absolute joke, saying "Do more", when they ...More Button

Parliamentary questions do not constitute a budget. A budget has to be assessed in its entirety. Asking questions to elicit answers is not putting forward a budget proposal. What Fianna Fáil and...More Button

They did not submit it to the Department of Finance, as every other political party has done going back years. It is a joke and they know it. They are sitting there and are embarrassed by it.More Button

Financial Resolution No. 14: Capital Acquisitions Tax (Continued)

That was never said. The Deputy knows that well.More Button

The Deputy is not speaking to the resolutions.More Button

He has not once mentioned capital taxation.More Button

I welcome Deputy Broughan's contribution. He has always been consistent in that when the going gets tough, he always gets going. He has never in his life stayed around for a decent fight.More Button

It is a fact.More Button

Could I have a little bit of order, please? Deputy Boyd Barrett made a valiant contribution on Financial Resolutions Nos. 10 and 11.More Button

It is unfortunate that small savings cannot be separated from the 3% increase, but this may be an education for Sinn Féin. A wealth tax is about taxing assets. The taxes under Financial Resolutio...More Button

Sinn Féin had its opportunity and blew it.More Button

These are progressive wealth taxes. Capital gains tax is being increased. The capital acquisitions tax thresholds are being reduced, accruing €15 million. These are true wealth taxes. They are ...More Button

He is not a member of the parliamentary party.More Button

I will support these resolutions and stay within the Labour Party to ensure that we introduce good, progressive wealth taxes such as these. I am proud to vote for the motions.More Button

On a point of order-----More Button

Are we taking statements on the budget?More Button