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Mathews, Peter

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Financial Resolution No. 2: Tobacco Products Tax (Continued)

I agree this is all about revenue raising.More Button

Tobacco is a drug. The people who get into the illicit drug trade are in the illicit tobacco trade. Cigarettes do not come in with the clouds and rain on the people; they are brought here in ship...More Button

As previous speakers have said, there is no doubt that it is difficult to give up cigarettes but it is not impossible. I would like to give encouragement by way of an anecdote. Although I am no...More Button

I am sharing life stories.More Button

Financial Resolution No. 4: Income Tax

Will the Minister explain in simple and understandable terms what the anti-avoidance measure in Financial Resolution No. 4 amounts to? Manufacturing businesses, by definition, are risky. They oft...More Button

It is not good enough just to say that because the measure is anti-avoidance, it is good. Sometimes it is not good. The avoidance of taxation is sometimes seen as a business philanthropy rather...More Button

That is the point, Minister. It reduces the leasing charge.More Button

Financial Resolution No. 4: Income Tax (Continued)

Rather than into plant and machinery?More Button

That is because we are in a recession.More Button

Capital is always passive.More Button

Financial Resolution No. 6: Income Tax (Continued)

Hear, hear.More Button

The temptation to the Government is to raise €94 million. When I heard the word "gold-plated", I said: "Be careful here, we are in the territory of magicians." We use illusions. That is how magi...More Button

Let us look at the figures. I thank Deputy Naughten for giving us a bit of fact-finding. Fact-finding is always helpful. Take the B plan Options, the standard non-gold-plated one. It is a Cor...More Button

We were told there would be no increase in income tax. What have I just calculated? That is an increase in income tax. It is not in the headline rate of 41% or USC, but it is income tax. It mus...More Button

I was asked what happened here today and I said, "It is a soggy type of budget." It is like when one has a cardboard box that gets soggy in the rain. It was predictable that the Department of Fi...More Button

This brings me to the other areas of raising revenues to make society fair and stop the inequality. On inequality, by the way, I will not go over the figures again but they are there if one is h...More Button

It brings me quickly to foreign direct investment in the Minister, Deputy Noonan's, budget today.More Button

There are many issues that arise. The Minister started off, and stayed, on Ireland's corporate tax. The Minister stated it had three elements, "rate, reputation and regime". What about reality? ...More Button

Society deserves better than this. We have many problems. I am an optimist, but based on realism. Such realism must be based on the figures, such as that simple calculation of two adults on an...More Button

While on the subject of gold-plated, let us go to the armour-plated corporates. The armour-plated corporates need to be revisited. As the Minister may be aware, I have spoken to CEOs of the for...More Button

Financial Resolution No. 7: Income Tax (Continued)

The budget booklet from the Department of Finance states as follows:More Button

And life assurance policies.More Button

Haddington Road Agreement Implementation

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: the discussions his Department has had with all bodies in relation to efficiency contracts (details supplied) for academic institutions under the Haddington Road agreement; and if he will make a st...More Button