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Heydon, Martin

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Finance Bill 2014: Second Stage (Resumed) (Continued)

I welcome the opportunity to speak on the Finance Bill. To respond to Deputy Róisín Shortall's point on the fairness or otherwise of the budget, the measures provided for in the Bill further impro...More Button

As a result of these measures, the top 1% of earners will pay 21% of income tax and the universal social charge, while the bottom 76% of earners will pay only 20% of income tax and the universal so...More Button

I propose to focus on the agriculture measures in the budget, many of which were positive. As the chairman of the Fine Gael Party's internal agriculture committee, I commend the Minister and his o...More Button

I also welcome, albeit with a couple of caveats, the retention of 90% agriculture relief for active farmers and non-active farmers who lease out their land for six years or more. The date should...More Button

The definition of an "active" farmer is a serious issue. The requirement that an active farmer must spend 50% of working time farming is unworkable, unfair and impossible to meet. Part-time far...More Button

I ask the Minister to consider adopting the Irish Farmers Association proposal that an active farmer be defined as someone who farms and files a return under schedule D. This week, the Joint Com...More Button

Long-term leasing is preferable for younger farmers who need to plan and wish to make a lifetime career in agriculture but do not have access to land. We must move from the conacre system. Stat...More Button

On the application of consanguinity relief until 2017, a similar issue arises as in the case of the definition of an active farmer and similar changes need to be made as the measure is unworkable...More Button

The consanguinity measure provides an incentive to encourage earlier lifetime transfers of farms. The issue that arises is the proposal to implement the measure from 1 January 2015. The incenti...More Button

I welcome the changes to the income tax and universal social charge regimes to support employment and job creation, which are our primary objectives. Concern has been raised in recent weeks abou...More Button

Prior to the budget, I met representatives of the Irish Association of Health Stores to discuss the issue of herbal teas. I am pleased that herbal teas and fruit infusions are included in the de...More Button

I met a number of members of the Vintners Federation of Ireland in south County Kildare in the run-up to the budget. Deputies are aware of the pressure faced by small pubs, especially those in r...More Button

We do not want to lose the pub from rural Ireland. It has a very important role to play.More Button

In regard to the employment investment incentive scheme, I have spoken to a number of companies and financial advisers who are seeking an extension from three to five years of the minimum holding...More Button

The extension of the home renovation scheme to rental properties whose owners are liable for income tax is welcome and shows the positive nature and impact of the scheme to date. Many landlords ...More Button

Green Paper on Energy Submissions (Continued)

In 2006, as the Minister is well aware, EirGrid was formed. It forecast at that time that there would be an increase in energy demand in Ireland up to 2024 of 60%. When the former Minister, Eamon...More Button

This year in its submission to the Green Paper and review on energy policy, the ESB, using Eirgrid's latest demand projections, suggested only a 5% increase between now and 2024. In its submissi...More Button

There are two key stakeholders. The first comprises communities throughout the country. The Minister is aware of their concern. They are in the root corridor of the proposed Grid Link and Grid...More Button

Our economic landscape has changed utterly since 2008. Having borne that in mind, what assurances have the Minister's Department received from EirGrid as to the necessity of this project? What ...More Button

The ESB submission highlights that as Grid Link and Grid West was planned nearly seven years ago there is a need to review them in order that research reflects the latest evidence. That request ...More Button

I thank the Minister for his comprehensive reply. If we have a White Paper in early 2015 that says demand is not what was estimated and we cannot have a lag on electricity costs by building infras...More Button

In regard to wind energy, 182 wind farms have been constructed around the country and 188 are at the planning and development stage. In its report the ESB estimated that we need another 1,000 MW...More Button