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Boyd Barrett, Richard

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Order of Business

It is not. We have had a break for a week and the issue of the Paradise Papers has arisen. They had already been referred to and might more accurately be called the "Parasite Papers". They revea...More Button

It would be unconscionable for the House not to debate these shocking revelations this week. I did not raise this issue for discussion today because I knew I would have been doing so at short noti...More Button

Yes, but I am signalling to the Taoiseach that I hope the Government will facilitate a serious discussion on the matter, in respect of which billions of euro in tax revenue are at stake, and the sh...More Button

Order of Business (Continued)

-----the collusion of banks, possibly of legislation brought in by this Government, and wealthy individuals in tax evasion.More Button

I have made my point, indeed.More Button

It is not agreed.More Button

No, it is on a different point.More Button

I am indeed. Thank you, a Leas-Cheann Comhairle. In relation to the speaking arrangements for the Cannabis for Medicinal Use Regulation Bill, it is completely unacceptable that a report on Deputy...More Button

It is not about proportional representation. It is about balance in argument concerning a Bill we put forward-----More Button

-----on a very important issue that affects tens of thousands of people with serious medical conditions.More Button

It is not agreed.More Button

To be helpful, the group is called Solidarity-People Before Profit.More Button

I am happy to say the words.More Button

My question relates to the so-called Paradise Papers. The Government was supposed to transpose in June this year the EU anti-money-laundering directive which requires that we have information on...More Button

Cabinet Committee Meetings

Asked the Taoiseach: when Cabinet committee B, social policy and public services, will next meet. More Button

I wish to ask about the sub-committee on public services and whether it is considering the Government's responsibility for the current rail dispute. Subsidies for transport services, specifically ...More Button

Cabinet Committee Meetings (Continued)

That is for all transport and not just Irish Rail.More Button

They should all be subsidised.More Button

State Pensions

Asked the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection: her plans to ensure pension equality by removing the band changes made to the way in which pensions are calculated and reducing the number of contributions needed to qualify for the State pension f...More Button

Water Services Bill 2017: Report Stage (Continued)

So do I.More Button

Before that, I want to say something on the amendments being ruled out of order. I do not understand and I say so genuinely. Amendments Nos. 16 and 18 tabled by Deputies Coppinger, Barry and Paul...More Button

I genuinely do not want to carry on this for no purpose.More Button

I am sorry, a Leas-Cheann Comhairle, I will move it in a second but genuinely, at the first opportunity I had to get up and speak, I objected to the amendments prior to amendment No. 15, which incl...More Button

On amendment No. 7. I asked why it had been ruled out of order when other amendments of exactly the same character and content-----More Button

Amendment No. 7. Why was it ruled out of order when other amendments such as Nos. 16 and 18, which deal with precisely the same subjects, are allowed? I just do not understand it. It is inexplic...More Button

That is precisely my question.More Button

It does not answer the second part of my question, which is, if that amendment is out of order, why is it that other amendments which deal with exactly the same issues have, rightly, not been deeme...More Button

There is an inconsistency. I do not see how a Standing Order which rules out some amendments on a given basis, does not apply to others on the same basis. It just does not add up.More Button

It is not an explanation however.More Button

It is not an explanation and it shows an inconsistency and incoherence to the-----More Button

-----way in which amendments are being dealt with.More Button

I move amendment No. 15:More Button

Interestingly, the Government, through this Bill, seeks to allow, in the section which my amendment deals with, monitoring of water usage in dwellings. That is allowed and is deemed relevant to th...More Button

Why then does the Minister include these interesting distinctions? He can try to explain them but, to my mind, it indicates that he is trying to leave that back door open through this sort of mech...More Button

That, of course, is also why the Government does not want to hold a referendum. It does not state it directly, but it cites the legal difficulties and constitutional complexities of defining publi...More Button

A point we do not emphasise enough in this debate is that there have been three successive attempts by the political establishment to introduce water charges. It is not new. An attempt was made...More Button

The thing that I do not understand is the failure to acknowledge the glaring hypocrisy and contradiction in the Government position.More Button

This contradiction which was evident from the beginning continues and persists even now that the mass movement against water charges has forced it to retreat on the levying of domestic water charge...More Button

Ironically, People Before Profit and Solidarity are the only parties to put forward in their budgets a real water conservation grant linked with implementing domestic water conservation measures....More Button

I said the Government was lying about its concern for-----More Button

In that case, can I say the Government was lying?More Button

I withdraw any personal reference to the Minister, but the Government was lying.More Button

We will now hear from the Minister who always tells the truth.More Button

It is very relevant.More Button

Is the Acting Chairman saying that he feels our pain?More Button

That is a big admission.More Button

It is a bit of a giveaway, a bit of a reveal.More Button

I strongly support this amendment. One of the shocking examples of the waste of money in this whole debacle of Irish Water was the installation of household meters. Anybody looking objectively an...More Button

On a point that is not highlighted enough, it was those who claimed that water charges were about water conservation - Fine Gael and, before it, Fianna Fáil - who slashed the capital investment p...More Button

When we think about the enormous expenditures beyond that to consultants, shocking money was spent on billing and administration and, of course, on obscene salaries, hourly rates and what-not for...More Button

Many points have been made but it is worth underlining that if one talks to people in the local authorities, and this is true with regard to both housing and water, they always know what needs to b...More Button

The SLAs between Irish Water and the local authorities proved all of this. It was a complete joke. We set up this quango, paid millions of euro to Denis O'Brien to install meters and paid tens ...More Button

On the conservation grant, I wish to underline that Solidarity-People Before Profit is the only party that has included an allocation of €100 million for a water conservation grant in its pre-bud...More Button

In so far as the Minister claims that this Bill is geared towards water conservation, it is not directed at the majority of people but at a very small group which is identified as excessive users. ...More Button

Yes.More Button

We will not get it finished tonight.More Button

Who knows.More Button

It will be through in the morning.More Button

This is quite an important amendment. It speaks to how seriously we take the question of conservation and who we think can help inform a policy or a conscientious approach towards the management...More Button

I made the point already that the first answer to that question lies with those who work in water services in the local authorities. These are the people who know and they need to be very strong...More Button

If we had listened to the workers and the directors of services and so on, in the local authorities, the investment would have happened. It was not regarded as politically useful or expedient or...More Button

The other part is to have local community representatives. If one wants real buy-in from the community on how we manage, protect and conserve our water resources, then one will facilitate signif...More Button

On the advisory body, it is critical that we have representatives of the trade unions because they will be dealing with issues relating to industrial relations such as pay and conditions of those...More Button

Private Rental Sector Standards: Motion [Private Members] (Continued)

I thank Sinn Féin for tabling the motion and the "RTÉ Investigates" team for highlighting the issue. The landlords who exploited and profited from the conditions that we saw on "RTÉ Investigates" ...More Button

Someone said that it is a pity that it had to take an "RTÉ Investigates" programme to wake us up and that is certainly true. I remember coming into this House in 2012. I was a year in the Dáil ...More Button

It has taken until now for an acknowledgement but it was predictable - it was all so predictable. On the famous supply and demand equation, if the Government does not provide council housing, if i...More Button

Critically, however, there will always be underground slum landlords if there is a situation where there is not enough quality social housing that is affordable and provided by the State itself. ...More Button

One-Parent Family Payment

Asked the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection: her views on her Department's response to a review (details supplied) of the amendments to the one-parent family payment and, in particular, its impact on child poverty; and if she will make a stat...More Button

Mental Health Services Provision

Asked the Minister for Health: the supports in place for persons engaging in mental health services that have complaints about service providers; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Health Services Provision

Asked the Minister for Health: the way in which a person (details supplied) can be referred for treatment to a specialist of neurology in the UK; and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

National Lottery Funding Data

Asked the Minister for Health: the reason for the drop in funding from the Health Service Executive national lottery grant scheme to an organisation (details supplied); and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Child and Family Agency Investigations

Asked the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs: further to Parliamentary Question Nos. 516 of 17 October 2017 and 183 of 27 September 2017, when a formal response will be issued; and if she will make a statement on the matter. More Button

Labour Activation Measures

Asked the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection: her views on the case of a person of 62 years of age who has recently lost their job and has been invited to participate in JobPath but is not allowed to take up part-time work in their chosen fiel...More Button

Invalidity Pension Applications

Asked the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection: the reason the invalidity pension of a person (details supplied) has been stopped in view of the fact that their condition has remained the same and is likely to continue to remain the same into th...More Button

Employment Rights

Asked the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection: if her attention has been drawn to the practice in the film industry of certain companies hiring unpaid runners; and if she will make a statement on the matter.More Button

Employment Support Services

Asked the Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection: the arrangement between her Department, JobPath, a company (details supplied) and Turas Nua; the mandate that these companies have regarding jobseekers; the details of the contracts with these comp...More Button

Local Authority Housing Waiting Lists

Asked the Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government: if there is a scheme to facilitate persons on the housing list in Dublin to move outside of Dublin and take vacant properties in rural areas if they wish to do so; if not, his plans to set up such ...More Button