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Boyd Barrett, Richard

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Delivering Sustainable Full Employment: Statements (Continued)

In recent years the previous Government trumpeted what it saw as its success in creating jobs and stimulating economic growth. The Government is continuing to do this. There is no doubt that jobs...More Button

Job creation and growth can also be completely environmentally unsustainable in the sense that they run counter to the environmental objectives which we have no choice but to meet because of the ...More Button

When I hear about record growth rates, I shiver. Anybody who does not have the memory of a goldfish should shiver. That is what we heard for five or six years prior to the biggest economic cras...More Button

Are we guilty of doing the same thing again? I put it to the Minister that we are because we are doing precisely what was done in the run-up to the previous crash, namely, that there is an over-...More Button

Incredibly, we are again seeing an over-reliance on a market which is failing badly in the area of providing housing. It is extraordinary that for the past five years we have essentially been pr...More Button

As a motion I put to the Dáil a few years ago explained, the Irish Forestry and Forest Products Association, IFFPA, indicates that 490 jobs can be created for every 15,000 ha of forest planted. ...More Button

The arts is another area in respect of which the State absolutely has a job creation role. People pay lip service to the arts, but we have the lowest levels of public expenditure on the arts any...More Button

We are massively over-reliant still on the market principles and multinationals that led us into trouble in the first instance. We must move away from the ideological aversion to public industry...More Button

Medicinal Products Availability

This is an issue the Government and the new politics urgently has to do something about. The Minister is aware that in the past few weeks, we have had two instances where people who are ill, often...More Button

Medicinal Products Availability (Continued)

That is just not acceptable.More Button

Orkambi was mentioned earlier today in the case of sufferers of cystic fibrosis, of which there is a very high instance in this country. The National Centre for Pharmacoeconomics stated it shoul...More Button

It is utterly obscene - that is not too strong a word to use - that the profit line of incredibly profitable big pharma corporations determines whether people will receive life-saving medicines o...More Button

This raises another issue. To what extent is the State looking for value for money and the cheapest versions of these drugs? We have advocated as our policy that there be a State pharmacy, the ...More Button

Some of the price contrasts are absolutely extraordinary. In the United Kingdom 16 paracetamol tablets costs 35 cent. In Boots in Ireland they cost 99 cent, almost three times as much, and in T...More Button

Medicinal Products Supply

Asked the Minister for Health: if he will consider establishing a State pharmacy to source best value pharmaceuticals for supplying hospitals, general practitioners and pharmacies, and to estimate the savings that would be made ...More Button