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Boyd Barrett, Richard

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Budget Statement 2014 (Continued)

They could get cheaper flights with Ryanair.More Button

This budget was depressingly predictable. The Government has clearly chosen as its targets the young, the old, the sick, particularly the chronically sick, and the unemployed. At the same time it...More Button

The amount of the cuts in the health budget of €660 million alone makes a mockery of any attempt by the Government in the run-up to the budget to state it would improve access to free GP care. I...More Button

The Government's big plan in health involves delisting drugs, increasing prescription charges, reducing income thresholds for medical cards and what it laughingly calls "probity" - trying to find...More Button

The cutting of the bereavement grant is nasty beyond belief. It is bad enough that the Government attacks the old and the sick while they are alive, but to attack people in death really is appal...More Button

The abolition of the telephone allowance will probably go down in history as a notorious attack. The one time Minister Ernest Blythe became notorious for decades because he took one shilling off...More Button

The attacks on young people are utterly despicable. Cutting jobseeker's allowance for those aged between 22 and 25 years when there are no jobs available for them is a straightforward invitation...More Button

That is what they are doing. The facts are clear and the Government cannot deny them. The CSO tells us that 40,000 people are leaving a year, not all young people but mostly young people. The in...More Button

Other cuts that will hurt young people include the €35 million from third level education and registration in FÁS projects, VTOS and Youthreach, again hitting the least well off. Not mentioned t...More Button

There is also the cut to the mortgage interest supplement. It is bad enough to lose a job but, now, when a person loses a job, he or she will be threatened with the loss of his or her home, comp...More Button

A serious housing programme and a serious stimulus programme would spend €3 billion, as we proposed. By simply multiplying the Government's figures, a sum of €3 billion would build 50,000 counci...More Button

Financial Resolution No. 1: Alcohol Products Tax (Continued)

It is clear that this is not a public health measure; it is just a revenue-raising measure. Nobody could take seriously a Government claiming it was interested in public health when earlier today ...More Button

If the Government wants to raise money from this sector to finance public health or anything else, it should increase the corporate tax take from the people at the top in a progressive way, as ha...More Button

Financial Resolution No. 2: Tobacco Products Tax (Continued)

We are all aware that the prohibition of alcohol in the United States in the 1930s did not stop the consumption of alcohol but produced the Mafia. Today, the prohibitive pricing of cigarettes will...More Button

I am a smoker, I must confess, and I would love to give it up. However, the idea that price will be a serious inhibitor of what is an addiction is nonsense. The Tánaiste knows that. The Taoise...More Button

We should create a culture in which young people do not develop addictions, to alcohol or cigarettes. We need to give people alternatives and generally create a society in which people are not s...More Button

They were not ill-informed contributions.More Button

No.More Button

Financial Resolution No. 6: Income Tax (Continued)

I am utterly opposed to a two-tier health system and utterly opposed to health care only being available to people who can afford expensive private insurance. It is anathema to me. I find it deep...More Button

We need a national health service free at the point of demand. If we had a state-of-the-art national health service in which ordinary people have confidence, we would not need private health ins...More Button

Those who oppose this measure have a responsibility to outline how we could finance the state-of-the-art national health service we could and should have. I am sure the Government will mention t...More Button

It means looking at corporate taxes. It means looking at financial transaction taxes. Whenever one even raises those issues, all we get from the Government and from half of the media establishmen...More Button

Our budget submission questions to the Department of Finance confirmed, for example, that if there was 50% income tax rate on earnings over €100,000, 60% on over €150,000 and 70% on over €200,000...More Button

Financial Resolution No. 7: Income Tax

I seek clarification on the resolution. I have no difficulty whatsoever, and in fact am positively in favour of increased taxes on large amounts of accumulated wealth in deposit accounts or anywhe...More Button

Financial Resolution No. 7: Income Tax (Continued)

If I understand correctly the Minister's officials, whom I questioned on this earlier, while this resolution does not deal with the substantive issue of the increase in DIRT that the Minister is pr...More Button

We are trying to get our heads around what is quite a technical motion and a change designed to impose a higher level of tax on savings but the explanations and assurances being given to us by the ...More Button

Education and Training Provision

Asked the Minister for Education and Skills: if he will provide a list of all publicly funded training schemes, upskilling and education courses; and the number of persons taking part in each of these schemes.More Button

National Internship Scheme Data

Asked the Minister for Social Protection: the number of persons taking part in the JobBridge scheme and the cost of same to the Exchequer. More Button

Community Work Initiatives

Asked the Minister for Social Protection: the number of persons taking part in the Tús scheme and the cost of same to the Exchequer.More Button

Live Register Data

Asked the Minister for Social Protection: the categories of payments from her Department that mean that the recipient is counted on the live register; and the number of persons in each category. More Button

Asked the Minister for Social Protection: the categories of payments from her Department that mean that the recipient is officially counted as unemployed; and the number of persons in each category.More Button

Departmental Schemes

Asked the Minister for Social Protection: the number of persons taking part in the JobsPlus initiative and the cost of same to the Exchequer. More Button