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Adams, Gerry

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Nomination of Taoiseach (Resumed) (Continued)

Tá mé ag roinnt mo chuid ama leis an Teachta Louise O'Reilly. Lá mór é seo i saol an Teachta Leo Varadkar agus saol a mhuintire, go háirithe a thuismitheoirí atá anseo inniu agus iad bródúil agus ...More Button

Never in the history of this State has the need for a progressive head of Government been more essential. The ongoing difficulties in the North, the dire consequences of Brexit, the all-pervasiv...More Button

It is a major honour to serve as a Taoiseach, especially at 38 years of age but not all young people are radical, progressive or visionary. Today, the question is what kind of leader are we gett...More Button

That has since proved to be untrue. This attitude contrasts sharply with Fine Gael's attitude to white collar crime and corporate tax dodging.More Button

In his time as Minister for Health, Deputy Varadkar failed to tackle a crisis that leaves patients languishing on trolleys and tens of thousands more waiting months for vital treatments. He pres...More Button

During the Fine Gael leadership contest, Deputy Varadkar stated that Sinn Féin represented the "greatest threat to our democracy". This is nonsense, and he knows it. This Chamber is a little th...More Button

However, this Chamber is also a bubble, a silo detached from the lives of citizens. Sometimes politics takes the form of cheap shots, slander, demonisation and playing to the lowest common denomin...More Button

I hope the new Taoiseach does not repeat that mistake. I think he is a decent man. I wish him well. I do not know him well though he and I once attended the same pilates class.More Button

We could not get the former Taoiseach to stretch as far as that.More Button

This is a big day for Leo and his clan, who are rightly proud. We wish them all well.

  Maybe he is perplexed by Sinn Féin's refusal to accept the status quo or join...More Button

Ba chóir go mbeidh mar chuspóir aige Éire níos fearr d'achan duine a chothú agus a thógáil - an Ireland where no child calls a hotel room home. Becoming Taoiseach gives a person an opportunity to ...More Button

Greatness is not determined by status or power. It is determined by how well one treats those who can do nothing for one. That involves going against the direction set by the establishment. It...More Button

The policy and the position of the political system here is partitionist. After almost 100 years of the existence of this State, that is hardly surprising. It is also very self-serving and self...More Button

Turning the tide of an entire political agenda which has been in place since partition will take courage, vision and determination. Tá an rogha ag an Teachta Varadkar. He will soon have the opp...More Button

Sinn Féin will not support this nomination but I look forward to working with an Teachta Varadkar on the basis that he is willing to take meaningful action to deal with these issues. If he is no...More Button