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Corish, Brendan

Thursday, 15 December 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 226 Nbr. 5

Debate on Adjournment (Christmas Recess).

It is about time the Cork Examiner came into its own.More Button

The Taoiseach is inviting it.More Button

We can understand the elation of the Taoiseach in having won the two by-elections. The Taoiseach has invited some comment about the by-elections but I do not intend to follow him along that parti...More Button

I do not know why the extravagant claims are being made by Fine Gael. They did get a big vote in the Presidential election and I am sure that much of that support may have come from the Labour Part...More Button

The Taoiseach seemed to be elated by the results of the by-elections but I do not think the result of these elections is of any great significance in the country as a whole. It is of some signific...More Button

I am disappointed in the Taoiseach. He referred to the Labour Party recently and said that Deputy Corish seemed to want changes but that the Government were not going to change for the sake of chan...More Button

The Taoiseach referred to this matter and said that the increase in unemployment had declined. It is not true compared with last year. We are still running about 2,500 extra registered unemployed.More Button

It is not down by half. With all due respect to the Taoiseach, if he reads the document we all get every week, and particularly the one for last week, he will discover that we have approximately 2,...More Button

The Government are now getting down to work. I am not complaining about their activities in the by-elections, but it appears to me that for two-and-half weeks they were down in the South doing the...More Button

Then I do not understand figures if the Taoiseach was at only three functions since he was appointed. I should like to have a written reply to that one.More Button

Exactly. I should like to take the Taoiseach up on this business of an incomes policy. He warned us of the dangers of an increase in incomes. I often wonder what the Government mean when they sa...More Button

The Taoiseach was talking about restraint in wage demands this morning and he spoke about industrial unrest. Deputy Cosgrave also spoke about that. I think we should now ask ourselves, why? I sup...More Button

In my view, and I am close to it, it is because workers have genuine grievances. Mark you, they do not go on strike for fun. The workers have responsibility for this industrial unrest; the manage...More Button

I know that the trade union movement, the workers, the Government and everybody in the country want to see a better type of industrial relations legislation but, no matter how perfect it may appea...More Button

For the past few years we have been operating in this country on the Second Programme for Economic Expansion. I trust the Taoiseach will find time to talk about the revision of this programme or, a...More Button

The Taoiseach called this morning for greater production. Again, I think that should be defined and the responsibility should be placed wherever it ought to be placed. If the inference is that wo...More Button

On the question of incomes, the NIEC recommended that there should be a continuance of price control. All the evidence I have goes to show that the price control machinery and the legislation at ...More Button

As far as agriculture is concerned, I do not think anybody knows what is going on. The discussions that have taken place between the Taoiseach, the Minister for Agriculture and the NFA appear to h...More Button

As far as assistance to agriculture is concerned, I believe it is applied absolutely in all the wrong ways. I do not say there should be an absolute means test but, of the £56 million applie...More Button

The former Minister for Agriculture, Deputy Haughey, suggested here recently that he was thinking of changing the method of application of assistance to the agricultural community by placing the em...More Button

Nobody could deny that there must be a change in policy as far as housing is concerned. Money is not the only problem. If we continue in the same strain in regard to building houses, the problem ...More Button

Deputy Cosgrave quoted the figures for houses and showed a decrease in the number built by local authorities and private individuals. The Taoiseach will have to tell us whether that situation is t...More Button

It seems peculiar that, while it takes such a long time to finalise the building of ten or 12 houses, some person who comes to Dublin and demolishes three or four houses is able to erect an office ...More Button

We have heard from various Ministers that there is to be a new health scheme. When is it going to happen? A change of Ministers in a Department such as the Department of Health where a change of ...More Button

We have advocated a certain type of health scheme; Fianna Fáil want another type; and Fine Gael may want yet another type; but all of us are agreed that an improvement is needed. If improve...More Button

The evidence down the years has been—on all too few occasions—that as long as we knew the particular project or scheme to which money raised through taxation was being devoted we were p...More Button

The Taoiseach spoke about the great success of the National Loan. Granted that it was a great success, in the circumstances in which we found ourselves in this House, and for the national good, we ...More Button

The Taoiseach and Deputy Cosgrave spoke about our renewed interest in the European Economic Community. We have a motion on the Order Paper in regard to our application for membership and, after the...More Button

He knows that; the Minister for Industry and Commece knows it, as do various other Minister. The Minister for Industry and Commerce, Deputy Hillery, knows it because I have read many of his speech...More Button

I do not want to dwell too long on this but we had to drag information out of the former Taoiseach about the EEC. He was so reluctant to give it that we deduced from his reluctance and his insiste...More Button

Only a small but very important matter remains that I should like to raise with the Taoiseach. It is the simple matter of the 5/- for the non-contributory old age pensioners. It is pathetic that ...More Button

I am sure the Taoiseach heard these complaints himself, if he knocked at as many doors as the Minister for Labour did, in South Kerry and Waterford. If even at this stage the Taoiseach decides to ...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Rosslare-Fishguard Car Ferry.

asked the Minister for Transport and Power if he is aware of the considerable number of complaints made by passengers regarding the general conditions of transport both of cars and passengers on th...More Button

Is the ‘St. David’ in a satisfactory condition?More Button

The Parliamentary Secretary has no information about the ‘St. David’?More Button

Debate on Adjournment (Christmas Recess) (Resumed).

And they all read the Second Programme for Economic Expansion.More Button

Or 134,000 in 1933. You have the record for unemployment.More Button

Everybody is very concerned about the Labour Party. We can look after ourselves.More Button

That is cod.More Button

I am interested in your concern for the Labour Party.More Button

How many of yours did not use PR?More Button

Did you count them?More Button

It is a one-sided quarrel.More Button

What is a “nigger”?More Button

What is a nigger?More Button

I do not think he should be allowed to describe people who are not of the same colour as people in this country as “niggers.”More Button

It may not be, within the traditions of the House, but I think it is an objectionable word.More Button

It did not do you any harm.More Button

There are four of them there now.More Button

It is their democratic right also not to use it.More Button

May I ask the Deputy a question? Does he know how many “plumpers” there were in the papers of the Fine Gael candidates and the Fianna Fáil candidates?More Button

You lost them in the last two elections.More Button

I am not making any excuses.More Button

Dr. Ryan, I suppose.More Button

It might even be Richie's brother.More Button