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Corish, Brendan

Tuesday, 28 June 1966

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 223 Nbr. 9

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Transport Inquiry.

asked the Minister for Transport and Power if he will set up a commission to inquire into the workings of public transport by road, rail and canal, with a view both to the improvement of the servi...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Home Assistance Payments.

If a local authority do not fulfil their obligations under the Public Assistance Acts, can the Minister intervene?More Button

Can the Minister entertain an appeal by someone who is dissatisfied with the amount of assistance granted by a local authority?More Button

Has the Minister any power to direct a local authority to give an adequate amount of assistance?More Button

Does the Minister think he should take that power?More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Electricity (Special Provisions) Act.

asked the Minister for Industry and Commerce if, in view of the ending of the ESB dispute, he will now introduce legislation to repeal the Electricity (Special Provisions) Act, 1966.More Button

Does the Minister expect that the new Industrial Relations Bill will be able to provide for the situation which he tried to provide for in recent weeks——More Button

——which he tried to provide against—the situation he thought was there? Will he further admit that such legislation as this House enacted in the past two or three weeks cannot op...More Button

Why did the Minister and the Government not consult with Congress before introducing this legislation?More Button

The Chair might let the Minister answer.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Killane (Wexford) Public Telephone.

asked the Minister for Posts and Telegraphs if he will consider the provision of a public telephone at Killane, County Wexford.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Radio-TV Cigarette Advertising.

Could the Minister give us details of the code?More Button

Industrial Relations Bill, 1966: First Stage.

Could the Minister say in respect of both measures when they will be circulated?More Button

Could the Minister say, as a matter of interest, whether the two organisations concerned have been consulted and whether there will be further consultations?More Button

Yes.More Button

The Minister will have further consultations before bringing in this proposal?More Button

Finance Bill, 1966: Report and Final Stages.

I am surprised and disappointed at the reply of the Minister to this amendment because, with all due respect to his predecessor, the former Deputy Ryan, who is now a Senator, he did show some sympa...More Button

I would be concerned about certain people in the middle income group, those people who are in insurable employment or those whose income does not exceed £1,200 per year as per the recent arr...More Button

It is not a good argument for the Minister to say that if he assented in respect of this amendment, he would have many other types of people asking for similar concessions. He quotes education as ...More Button

One of the things which attracts me about this amendment is that this concession is to be applied to those who have been refused admission to the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme. If we had not a...More Button

The concession proposed in this amendment is not a big one. I do not know if the Minister has tried to find out how much approximately it would cost per year. I do not think it would cost a fanta...More Button

I am disappointed that the Minister has appeared to have closed his mind on this. We all know that his predecessor, Deputy Ryan, had a very easy way in this House when it came to discussion and in...More Button

Ministers and Secretaries (Amendment) Bill, 1966: Second Stage (Resumed).

May I move the amendment now?More Button

I move amendment No. 2:More Button

To delete all words after “That” and substitute “Dáil Éireann while approving the establishment of a Department of Labour, declines to give a Second Reading to the Bill until the Depa...More Button

For once, I knew a little more than the Ceann Comhairle.More Button

I want to state expressly at the beginning that we are in full support of the appointment of the Minister for Labour, and have been for quite a long time. So also has been the association with whi...More Button

I was disappointed—I do not know whether it is possible for the Taoiseach at this stage to name the person he has in mind as the new Minister of Labour—that he did not do so because I s...More Button

As I said at the beginning and as the motion implies, we are all in favour of the creation of the new Ministry of Labour. I do not know why the Taoiseach was so cross last Thursday. He seems to b...More Button

The Taoiseach also alleged that the Labour Party wanted this to develop into a dogfight and that this was their usual practice, as if the members of the Labour Party were the only Members who at ti...More Button

This sort of criticism is not peculiar to the Labour Party, Fine Gael or any other Party or individual. We remember the violent personal attacks made on the late Deputy Norton. We remember the pe...More Button

Neither were the Taoiseach's remarks last week with regard to the Labour Party and the motives he suggested were behind this amendment. I do not want to pursue the matter. We have asked in this am...More Button

The Taoiseach, in defence of the Minister for Transport and Power, and I believe in defence of the Ministry itself, said that Deputy Childers was a conscientious, hardworking, dedicated and courteo...More Button

I think we, particularly, are entitled to question the effectiveness or usefulness of the Department of Transport and Power because the Labour Party had reservations about it when it was first esta...More Button

Our genuine belief—apart from the Minister himself—is that the Ministry of Transport and Power is really redundant and could be absorbed in some other Department. One of the features o...More Button

The present Minister for Transport and Power seems to do everything according to the book. The present Taoiseach is too experienced and too wise to know that one cannot work in any Cabinet post pu...More Button

We decided we should put down this amendment but, again, we had reservations because, as far as the Minister for Lands is concerned, I am sure he, like many others before him, must at times feel ve...More Button

Again, as far as the Minister for Transport and Power and his relationship with semi-State undertakings are concerned, their terms of reference are laid down in the laws that have been passed here...More Button

Despite what the Taoiseach said here last Thursday and in public pronouncements, he might consider a general revision of ministerial powers. A previous speaker referred to the amalgamation of the ...More Button

Again, as has been said, we have the biggest number of Parliamentary Secretaries any government here have ever had: I have not checked on that but I am sure it is right. We have a Minister for Agr...More Button

Again referring back to the discussion so many years ago on the establishment of the Department of Transport and Power, we believe that roads might well be put into the care of the Department of T...More Button

However, as I say, the appointment of a Minister for Labour is not the complete answer. The Taoiseach in all his recent speeches has taken pains to talk about industrial relations. He does that b...More Button

Debate adjourned.More Button

When I reported progress, I was referring to the speech the Taoiseach made in the National Stadium at the Social Study Congress on Sunday night. This is one of the many speeches on the same subjec...More Button

I know there are certain sections who do not want to see strikes at all. It does not make any difference whether these strikes are lawful or justified, or whether the demands by those on strike ar...More Button

The Taoiseach in that speech also said that if the trade union movement were not prepared to undertake this responsibility of showing restraint and having due regard for the economy, the Governmen...More Button

If we have industrial unrest at present, surely it cannot be laid at the door of the trade union movement, who, in my opinion, showed terrific restraint when the Irish Congress of Trade Unions were...More Button

Another gentleman spoke at the Social Study Congress on Sunday night, the well-known Mr. Douglas Hyde. He was talking about young people and is reported as follows in the Irish Independent ...More Button

“...They are rejecting our society because they do not respect it. We must be worthy of their respect and build a society that will use their idealism and give them a challenge to meet—in ot...More Button

Mr. Hyde thought the same went for industrial workers. who were charged with irresponsibility during a period of strikes.More Button

“If industrial workers are irresponsible, we have to ask ourselves why? It reflects a breakdown in human relations, because we fail to make the industrial worker feel that he is part of the enter...More Button

Therefore, it behoves us, apart from the establishment of the Ministry of Labour, to look into the causes of industrial unrest. This is referred to several times in the NIEC Report on incomes poli...More Button

There is so much blather and talk about a just society that one wonders will that be the new cliché. There is no point in talking in terms of a just society to an agricultural worker, a roa...More Button

The Taoiseach talked about the pressure for more stringent control by the Government in industrial relations. There are other people who talk about disciplining the trade union movement. There ar...More Button

Anyone who talks loosely and stupidly about disciplining the trade union movement does not believe in democracy. The only one criticism I would have in that respect would be that not a sufficient ...More Button

The Minister for Industry and Commerce—possibly the new Minister for Labour; we have not got that secret yet—and the Taoiseach recognise and, in turn, the trade union movement have reco...More Button

We can all agree with the Taoiseach when he said last Thursday that it is inconceivable that legislation passed in 1946 to lay down our code for industrial relations would be appropriate in 1966. ...More Button

In any case, the members of the trade union movement recognise that many desirable changes could be affected particularly in the field of industrial relations legislation. Let me say that so far a...More Button

In his speech at the Stadium the Taoiseach said that the aim of policy should be to make social justice the criterion of economic activities and institutions and not the interest or power of indivi...More Button

The Taoiseach said:More Button

...Remuneration ...should be determined in a fair and objective way, in the light of the national interest, by consideration of equity.More Button

I think we would all agree with that sentiment but we should make greater efforts to put it into practice. There is nothing fair or just in the manner in which we treat certain sections of the com...More Button

On many occasions references are made to the NIEC Report on an incomes policy. I do not know whether or not the Government have done this deliberately, but it does appear that while the NIEC docum...More Button

Certainly we cannot afford to threaten, for example, the 100,000 male workers in this country who have less than £10 per week. We should think about that now and again. We should think in t...More Button

It is assumed, in any case, again according to what the Taoiseach said last Thursday, that the Industrial Relations Act, 1946, will be changed, to what degree we do not know. Whether it will be a d...More Button

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions in the last two or three years at the annual conference urged the extension of the Labour Court. I do not profess to be a practising trade union official and I a...More Button

I do not want to go back on the ESB dispute. I think the Government have a fair appreciation of what the Labour Party said on that occasion and of the conviction they have in respect of that type ...More Button

I presume that in the consideration of a new industrial relations Act there will be consultation and full consultation, with the trade union movement and the employers' side because it is only by m...More Button

I am presumptuous also to believe that in the extension of the Labour Court the Minister will adhere to the practice that has obtained since 1946, that is, of consulting the employers and the union...More Button

An effort was made some time ago by the Minister for Health to get away from this system of appointing the nominees of the trade union movement to certain State bodies. He was unsuccessful in that...More Button

I do not believe that the system that has obtained for 20 years, since 1946, has been really defective in any way. The Taoiseach was one time Minister for Industry and Commerce. Deputy Jack Lynch ...More Button

One of the most crying needs of the trade union movement, and, I suppose, of the employers also, is the extension of the conciliation services. There are too, too few conciliation officers operat...More Button

The Taoiseach, last Thursday, talked about the function of the Labour Court, particularly of the conciliation officers, with regard to the promotion of good relations and the prevention of strikes....More Button

I do not know to what extent these services may be extended but the promotion of good relations is one of the most important duties that any Minister for Labour can undertake because, while it is n...More Button

This may not be the best time to re-legislate for industrial relations and for trade union law. It occurs to me in fact, that it will not be done within this session and we trust things will have ...More Button

My colleague, Deputy Tully, will be able to talk about the position of agricultural workers. The Taoiseach was somewhat vague in his speech last Thursday. He promised Deputy Tully he would deal w...More Button

The two big parties in this House are certainly not unaware of the support of the farming community. They are a little restricted in their regard for the agricultural vote but that is not the poin...More Button

As far as trade union law is concerned, I can only give my own comments and I do not pretend to speak on behalf of the trade union movement or on behalf of my own trade union. In this field, trade...More Button

We have not before us any direct proposals, apart from some general statements the Taoiseach made. I know he would not be in a position to give absolute details. The trade union movement would b...More Button

I refer to the ESB legislation and I trust that, on consideration, the Minister will decide to scrap it. If this Industrial Relations Act will be so all-embracing as we are led to believe it will,...More Button

We certainly will not be in a position to judge the Minister for Labour or his activities until his Estimate comes up, I suppose in another 12 months' time. So far as the Taoiseach is concerned, h...More Button

I believe these recommendations can be implemented only in consultation with the workers, and we have too little consultation with workers in Irish industry. We have had that situation one might s...More Button

Deputy Childers has it off by heart: he knows it backwards. There is no point in the Minister for Industry and Commerce, the Taoiseach and all the economists in the Government knowing all about th...More Button

The Labour Party have done a good deal towards the education of workers and many of the unions have set aside money for such development, holding seminars and so on; but this has only scratched the...More Button

There are other things in this measure that are important in themselves, for instance, the tasks which the Taoiseach said would be allotted to the Minister for Labour. Very important among these i...More Button

Let me assure the Minister for Industry and Commerce, who may be Minister for Labour, that if he can get the goodwill of the trade union movement in any new legislation he proposes to bring to the ...More Button

In the absence of real details about the Ministry of Labour, it is difficult to discuss the matter further. I want to conclude by saying that we genuinely believe that the Department of Transport ...More Button

The Deputy seems to know a great deal about the legislation.More Button

The Deputy is pretty well on the ball.More Button