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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Public Health (Sunbeds) Bill 2013: Second Stage (Resumed)

I concluded my contribution yesterday by saying it is important that the risk of exposure to UV rays be reduced as well as the incidence of skin cancer. There is a clear link between sunbeds and s...More Button

Today's meeting of the Joint Committee on Health is dealing with the legislation to provide for plain packaging for tobacco products. The tobacco companies are attending the meeting to discuss t...More Button

Deputy Alex White is the Minister of State with responsibility for primary care and it is appropriate that he is here. We need to send a message to parents that it is not acceptable for young ch...More Button

The British Association of Dermatologists has advised that certain groups should never use sunbeds. These include those under the age of 18; those with fair, freckled skin that does not tan with...More Button

I wish we could ban sunbeds altogether. I stand corrected but as of now, anyone can set up a tanning salon because there are no regulatory restrictions on the type of equipment. In 2012, the Ir...More Button

We must aim to reduce the risk of cancer and implement customer safety standards which will allow the National Consumer Agency to take measures against products posing a serious risk to the healt...More Button

Some will argue that sunbeds are beneficial in that they give access to UV rays which are converted into vitamin D. However, unless one never ventures out of house, one will get sufficient vitam...More Button

The Bill prohibits the use of sunbeds by people under the age of 18 either in a tanning shop or in a similar premises. This is in keeping with the World Health Organisation recommendations. It ...More Button

What regulation will govern the training for those who provide these services? This aspect could be examined on Committee Stage. Thankfully, the trend for sunbed use is decreasing, down from 9%...More Button

I refer to a study on sunbed use by adolescent girls carried out in Cork by Mairead McDonnell. The girls, aged 17 and 18 spoke about their experience of and attitude to the use of sunbeds. Amon...More Button

Public Health (Sunbeds) Bill 2013: Second Stage (Resumed) (Continued)

Home was the most common place where sunbeds were used. The percentages were 35% in the home and 28% a combination of beauty salon and the home. The author of the report said this is worrying as ...More Button

The key findings around attitudes in this group were that 62% felt a tan made them look healthy, 68% said a tan made them look and feel more confident, 85% said they considered sunbeds to be harm...More Button

To go back to the survey, when asked if sunbeds should be used to get freckles, 43% said that they were unsure. People who get freckles are recommended never to use sunbeds. The author of the r...More Button

It is appropriate that the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Health and Children dealt with plan packaging for cigarettes and the use of tobacco today. We heard the tobacco industry say it never tar...More Button

In its briefing document, the Irish Cancer Society gave a very striking statistic that people who start to use sunbeds before the age of 30 have a 75% increased risk of malignant melanoma, the mo...More Button

I welcome this important legislation which will perhaps not get much prominence in the national media and may go unnoticed but it will send a very strong message that this Government is concerned...More Button

This is a first step which is about protecting children from the harmful effects of sunbeds and ensuring adults make informed choices. I welcome the Bill and hope it will pass and that we will s...More Button