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White, Alex

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Financial Resolution No. 5: General (Resumed) (Continued)

Tired old cliches like "helping the well heeled" and "small minority at the top" are no substitute for analysis. The Deputies opposite are capable of much more than the cliches they have served up...More Button

The improvements are modest. That is accepted by the Government. It has been a long time coming, which is also accepted by the Government. As somebody said on a television programme last night...More Button

It is no use for Opposition Deputies to give the same speeches today as they gave last year and the years before that. In order to be taken seriously, they need to address the changes that are o...More Button

The notion that nothing is happening - Deputy Crowe's suggestion that it is an entire failure - demonstrates how devoid of credibility the Sinn Féin Party is. The only way to be credible is to ba...More Button

This is a prudent budget which balances the twin objectives of safeguarding the recovery and raising living standards. By any reasonable view, that is what it sets out to do. It will see the co...More Button

I say it is a fair budget and I do not accept the suggestion that it is not fair. I will come back to that in a moment. It is a budget that unashamedly distributes the early returns of our reco...More Button

The distortion in which Sinn Féin Deputies and others have sought to engage in the last 24 hours is not being bought by the public. Low or middle income earners up to €70,000 know they will see ...More Button

The Sinn Féin Deputies should face the facts. They should find other things to criticise, by all means, and propose alternatives if they can. They should stop trying to deny the facts of the ma...More Button

With respect to Deputy McLellan, the budget places the family at the centre of our recovery by increasing child benefit and family income supplement, and by introducing paid paternity leave for t...More Button

I am particularly pleased to see further progress towards universal health care through the extension of free GP visits to all children under 12. This is a programme I had the privilege to insti...More Button

In fairness to Deputy Ó Caoláin, when I was in the Department of Health, he always expressed to me his support for this measure. He used to ask me one question, which was not an unfair one.More Button

He used to ask me whether we were only going to do this up to the age of age six because if that was the case, he was not with us. He told me that he needed me to tell him that it was not just a m...More Button

It is also a budget that recognises and values our older citizens with increases in the weekly pension, the fuel allowance and the Christmas bonus. Above all, this is a budget for continued empl...More Button

The budget will deliver progress on my priorities as Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources. It will enhance and expand existing programmes to help our citizens, communities a...More Button

Where is the money for energy efficiency schemes? There is nothing. It is all talk and cliché. Sinn Féin has run out of road.More Button

Fuel Prices

Was asked: the position regarding fuel prices (details supplied); and if he will make a statement on the matter.More Button

The Irish oil sector is completely privatised, liberalised and deregulated. There is free entry into the market and it is Government policy to encourage price competition and consumer choice. As su...More Button

Mobile Telephony Services

Was asked: further to Parliamentary Question No. 9 of 28 April 2015, the reason service providers in respect of mobile telephone services should be granted a licence to provide a minimum level of national pop...More Button

The provision of mobile phone networks and services is undertaken by telecommunications service providers operating in a fully liberalised market under licences provided by the Commission for Commu...More Button

ComReg apply terms and conditions on Mobile Network Operators which are attached to the licences. Decisions in relation to such terms and conditions, including whether or not Mobile Network Opera...More Button

While I do not have a role in relation to the terms and conditions of licences issued by ComReg, I am aware that the provision of services to all customers, including those living in sparsely pop...More Button

In this regard my Department continues to focus its efforts on addressing barriers to deployment of telecoms infrastructure and services in order to facilitate the rollout of enhanced services th...More Button