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Kelly, Alan

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Covid-19 (Drug and Alcohol Services, and Homelessness): Statements (Continued)

I have only a few minutes but I want to ask a few questions as part of this. There is a great deal to cover. It is impossible to cover it, ask questions and get answers in five minutes but we wil...More Button

In relation to homelessness, I know all of the organisations well and I am very much taken by some of the progress that has been made in the provision of wraparound services, particularly joined ...More Button

My second question relates to drug and alcohol services. We are all aware that there are limitations in providing services online and not being able to meet. Being able to socialise and meet is...More Button

A big issue for me is gambling. I certainly do not have enough time to deal with it. I have been raising this in the Dáil for years. The most dangerous development in gambling has been the sma...More Button

My final two questions are for the Minister of State, Deputy Butler. Rural isolation is a significant issue. I spoke to a woman on my way up in the car this morning. She talked about how lonel...More Button

I have a specific question relating to Jigsaw in my constituency. We had the ridiculous situation this week of Deputy Lowry announcing the wrong location for the service. I had known where it w...More Button

It might buy the Ministers of State some time if they send me something in writing.More Button

I also asked a question of the other Minister of State. Could I ask her to respond now? It is purely because of the time.More Button

Ceisteanna ó Cheannairí - Leaders' Questions (Continued)

I used to believe the Departments of Justice and Health were the most dysfunctional in government for a number of years but the Department of Education has come up on the outside and taken that man...More Button

I want to raise a number of issues. Over the next six weeks, students will have to decide whether to sit oral and practical examinations despite great uncertainty over schools reopening. Some p...More Button

I want to ask the Tánaiste a very specific question about the leaving certificate examinations and the reopening of schools. Given yesterday's announcement regarding the leaving certificate, has...More Button

I have two points. Will the Tánaiste take on board the request of the Labour Party for both sets of students to have oral and practical examinations? That would assuage many concerns, particularl...More Button

I realise there is no certainty with Covid. I really do not have an issue with the Tánaiste saying he cannot offer a guarantee. I was not trying to put words in his mouth but the issue for me i...More Button

The Tánaiste is representing the Government now.More Button

Ceisteanna ar Reachtaíocht a Gealladh - Questions on Promised Legislation

I welcome from the Tánaiste's live-streamed parliamentary party meeting yesterday the fact he is taking on board what I brought up ten months ago regarding compensating front-line workers. I am gl...More Button

I want to raise a specific issue with the Tánaiste regarding mass vaccination clinics and who will do the work. Nurse on Call has put out the pay rates it has been offered to hire people in to d...More Button

Ceisteanna ar Reachtaíocht a Gealladh - Questions on Promised Legislation (Continued)

It would make more sense for them to continue to work for one day per week in some other facility. We could have a real issue with this. Like with the student nurses, why are we going out for thi...More Button

Respite Care Services

Asked the Minister for Health: the consideration his Department has given to date to ensuring adequate funding is made available or other such arrangements advised to progress the replacement facility for a centre (details suppl...More Button

Asked the Minister for Health: if his attention has been drawn to an approval by the HSE to develop a replacement facility for a centre (details supplied) at its lands on the grounds of St. Otteran’s Hospital, Waterford; and if ...More Button