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Kelly, Alan

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Dáil Éireann Debate
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Working from Home (Covid-19) Bill 2020: Second Stage [Private Members]

I move: “That the Bill be now read a Second Time.”More Button

I am sharing time with my colleague, Deputy Ó Ríordáin. Sometimes Governments and all politicians are accused of being out of touch and behind the times. Sometimes the criticism is merited; som...More Button

This year, 2020, has been like no other. All of our lives have been transformed by the pandemic and its knock-on effects. The impact on the working lives of hundreds of thousands of Irish worke...More Button

People's priorities have changed. Covid has been a disruptor. According to a survey conducted earlier this year by Mental Health First Aid Ireland, we are facing significant and varied challeng...More Button

In the context of the huge shift to remote working that has taken place this year among Irish workers, these are extremely significant findings. While the nature of work may be changing at a rap...More Button

For these reasons, and as a responsible Opposition party, the Labour Party has introduced the Working from Home (Covid-19) Bill 2020, in order to protect the rights of workers who are in mass num...More Button

This always-on culture can have very negative impacts on the physical and mental health of workers and on family life. More time spent on laptops and mobile phones late into the night means less...More Button

The second key protection which the Bill offers is to make sure workers have a workstation in their home which is suitable for their working needs and that the cost of running the office is not b...More Button

Working from Home (Covid-19) Bill 2020: Second Stage [Private Members] (Continued)

The current law in this area is an absolute dog's dinner. Under it, employers are effectively required to inspect the homes of their employees to ensure that they are suitable for working from h...More Button

We have proposed a pragmatic solution, namely, that an employer be required to provide the equipment that an employee needs but does not have, and pay a fixed amount to cover the costs of the wor...More Button

However, we, as legislators, need to act on this issue and we need to act now. The law needs to catch up with the lived reality of 700,000 workers in Ireland who are, as we speak, working from h...More Button

This is not a time to do what this Government has repeatedly been doing. I respectfully ask the Taoiseach to consider this. The Government has kicked the can down the road repeatedly on the pos...More Button

I ask the Tánaiste not to kick this can down the road and to not delay, because action is long overdue. We, in the Labour Party, are calling on the Tánaiste, the Government and, indeed, all part...More Button

Ceisteanna ar Reachtaíocht a Gealladh - Questions on Promised Legislation

Regarding judicial appointments, I have no interest in the merits or demerits of any candidate. I have no intention of going into that but I have a responsibility to the process and to ensuring th...More Button

What date?More Button

Answer the question.More Button

Will the Taoiseach answer the question?More Button

On a point of order, the Taoiseach has refused to answer the question.More Button

He will not give the date.More Button

Cabinet Committees

Asked the Taoiseach: when the Cabinet committee that deals with transport will next meet.More Button

We are heading into the Christmas period. Airport testing is a real issue for me. The aviation taskforce recommended testing at our airports in July but, as the Taoiseach will know, it has been l...More Button

Asked the Taoiseach: when the Cabinet committee on education is next due to meet. More Button

My colleague, Deputy Ó Ríordáin, proposed earlier this week that consideration be given to closing the schools a little earlier this Christmas. It is something the Government should consider serio...More Button

Second, and briefly, will the Taoiseach ensure that SNAs in the sector receive appropriate personal protective equipment, PPE? I am aware of several schools whose allocation simply does not prov...More Button

Asked the Taoiseach: when the Cabinet committee on Brexit and Northern Ireland will next meet. More Button

I wish to raise a specific issue that my colleagues, Deputies Howlin and Nash, have raised concerning the Bill on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. The Department of Fi...More Button

Cabinet Committees (Continued)

There is also the issue of the volume of buses required in Dublin, given the needs of front-line workers as well as children travelling to school. In addition, people are going to be using public ...More Button

Finally, on Project Ireland 2040 and its plans relating to transport, is the Government reviewing those plans which were set by the previous Government? What changes are being made, particularly...More Button

It used to be zero.More Button