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Doherty, Pearse

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. Nbr.

Budget Statement 2013 (Continued)

What about the logged miles?More Button

In recent weeks, people across this State have been gripped by two emotions - hope and fear. They were hoping that the budget the Minister announced today would have made things better, that it wo...More Button

They are also fearful, however, that the Minister would do what he did last year, that he will continue to repeat the mistakes of Fianna Fáil, and that he will continue to make ordinary people pa...More Button

People want this Government to succeed. Even those who voted against it and did not want it in office, want it to succeed. Like hundreds of thousands of ordinary people, I have shared their hop...More Button

As I listened to the Minister, I wondered if he was living in a different reality to the rest of us. His failure truly to grasp what ordinary people across this State are going through is shocki...More Button

I am embarrassed to stand in this Chamber, where we are so proud to have been elected to serve, and hear the Minister and the Government let these people down so badly. The Minister pretends tha...More Button

In December 2010, Fine Gael and Labour stood on this side of the House and rightly lambasted Fianna Fáil for introducing its fourth consecutive austerity budget. When in opposition, Deputy Eamon...More Button

The position is the Fine Gael-Labour Party Government has implemented €7 billion in taxes and cuts after riding into office on a wave of popular support to end austerity. So much for the brand new...More Button

Tá an Nollaig buailte linn, agus i gceann cupla seachtaine beimid ag ceiliúradh na Nollag. Ar fud na tíre beidh cathaoireacha folmha ag tábla an dinnéir arís i mbliana. Nuair a tháinig an Rialt...More Button

The biggest cut the Minister has inflicted today is the cut in people’s expectations. It is clear he is removed from the suffering of the ordinary people. It is clear he does not understand wha...More Button

There are parents who will feel the impact of the Minister's budget in the pit of their stomachs. I refer to parents who know their children intend to emigrate next year or who have been obliged...More Button

Today, the Government announced it will raise more than €1 billion through a family home tax, motor tax and excise duty increases. Its family home tax will be the straw that breaks the backs of ...More Button

The Minister for Finance and the Taoiseach have made much of the Government's pledge to protect people’s incomes. They claimed that under the present Government, people could be sure the wage pa...More Button

The Minister could have called for changes to the tax treatment of private pensions. The changes to the private pension tax reliefs do not go far enough and do not even apply until 2014. It is ...More Button

We called on it to standardise pension and other tax reliefs because it has been revealed time and again that the top 20% of income earners avail of 80% of those reliefs. Instead, it allows people...More Button

What a short memory has the Labour Party and Deputy Gilmore. He was not long in here before his chant went from "Tax the wealthy" to "Tax everybody but the wealthy". Today, it was announced tha...More Button

People in the middle have been asked to give again and again with nothing in return. We can consider how today's budget will affect two people, Micheál and Gráinne. They are lucky enough to eac...More Button

By applying PRSI to the first €127 of Micheál’s and Gráinne’s salary, the Government is charging them an extra €528 per year. On top of that, the family home is worth €200,000 and has a large mo...More Button

One of the more cynical things done by the Government is trying to spin the notion that this budget is fair, and I am sure the backbenchers will be spinning this idea. It is not fair. The Gover...More Button

Some of these measures are blindingly obvious and we have advocated them for many years. I cannot see why they were not implemented previously but better late than never. The Taoiseach is smirk...More Button

It is important not to kid ourselves. These measures are a drop in the ocean compared to the pain inflicted on ordinary people today. That pain has been inflicted on top of successive budgets int...More Button

A fair budget is not just about tackling high earners but instead it is about protecting people who cannot give any more. The Government has not done that. The Taoiseach and Tánaiste have made ...More Button

Inniu tá úinéirí tí buailte go holc ag an Aire leis an cháin mhaoine. Tá thar céad míle duine faoi ualach trom ag riaráistí morgáiste. Tá 1.8 milliún duine a bhfuil níos lú ná €100 cu ag deirea...More Button

I will remind the Taoiseach of what he said in 1994 when he opposed the introduction of a family home tax. I invite him to repeat the words.More Button

The Taoiseach said it was morally wrong, unjust and unfair to tax a person's house. He has sat opposite smirking at the fact he will introduce this same type of tax, asking people to pay it who ca...More Button

It is morally wrong, unjust and unfair. Those are the words of the Taoiseach. During the 2011 election campaign, the Tánaiste, Deputy Gilmore, promised not to introduce a family home tax on resid...More Button

Today the Government is breaking these promises and there is only one appropriate word - hypocrisy. Those in the Government are hypocrites. Hundreds of thousands of families will be unable to p...More Button

We are talking about people’s homes. The Government has called it a property tax but property is everything: it is houses, shares, horses and yachts. This tax is on people’s homes, and people n...More Button

The Government wishes to tax people for having a roof over their heads, even if they have contributed already and are continuing to contribute to economic recovery.More Button

Most people’s houses are owned by the banks and most people must pay massive mortgages. For those who bought in the last decade, they are essentially paying dead money in payments on a house that ...More Button

The family home tax will not take into account what people earn. There is a threshold of €15,000 for a single person where payment can be deferred but there will be 4% interest for that luxury. ...More Button

The Government faced massive resistance on the household charge of €100. People said they could not and would not pay it. Nevertheless, the Government has sent out threatening letters to famili...More Button

The Minister stated the property tax will be levied on local authorities. In such circumstances, local authorities will be forced to increase rents for their tenants, which is disgraceful. The i...More Button

Nobody who will struggle to pay the family home tax cares if other countries have family home taxes. The countries in question did not have a property boom or crash, as we did, nor do they have ...More Button

A comprehensive wealth tax is the way of the future. The Minister should look abroad to find out what his ministerial counterparts are doing in France, Spain and Iceland. The Tánaiste should no...More Button

Sinn Féin twice produced legislation that would have reduced the salaries of Ministers, Deputies, Senators and the Taoiseach. Not one cent has been cut from politicians' salaries today. We aske...More Button

The Government is not in a position to tell low or middle income families that they can manage without €10 a month in child benefit for each child - the figure is higher for subsequent children. I...More Button

I ask the Taoiseach and Tánaiste what happens to the Labour Party and Fine Gael when they get into government. In the 1980s, they introduced a tax on children's shoes and now they are cutting th...More Button

Tá scéal mór déanta ag an Rialtas a deir nár athraigh sé rátaí cánacha ioncaim. Ach ón lá inniu amach, tiocfaidh ardú ar bhillí cánacha daoine. Ní dhéanann sé mórán difir do ghnáth-theaghlaigh ...More Button

Sinn Féin asked the Government to end the generosity of providing higher tax reliefs for high earners and instead put resources into reducing excise duty on petrol and diesel. Today, the Ministe...More Button

Just last week, the cost of public transport increased. These price increases are biting at people who must pay more to get around or travel to work. Many people in rural areas do not even have...More Button

I am pleased the Minister announced a rebate on fuel tax for the haulage industry. Sinn Féin proposed such a measure in our jobs plan in October and it is one I hope will provide some relief to ...More Button

Sinn Féin asked the Minister to increase the taxable amounts from the super-pension pots to cover the cost of restoring more than 1 million home help hours cut by the Government last year. Thous...More Button

The Taoiseach and Tánaiste had choices but the only choice they made was to ignore all the other choices available to them. The Government couches its budget measures in lectures on deficits, nu...More Button

Ní chruthaíonn preas ráitis poist. Sin an rud atáimid ag feiceáil seachtain i ndiaidh seachtaine, ráitis ag teacht ón Rialtas. Is infheistíocht atá de dhíth chun daoine a fháil ar ais ag obair....More Button

For the past four years Fine Gael, the Labour Party and Fianna Fáil have attempted to fix the economy through austerity. It may be news to the Taoiseach and Tánaiste but austerity is not working...More Button

The record levels of unemployment have seen our tax receipts collapse and our social welfare spending spiral out of control. If we know it is a problem, why does the Government do nothing about it...More Button

-----that set out an investment strategy to create thousands of jobs. We showed how a €13 billion investment could be funded through the National Pensions Reserve Fund, NPRF, the European Investme...More Button

Fianna Fáil in office turned on the emigration tap, but this Government has refused to turn it off. The people who leave our shores every year are not just numbers. A young woman contacted me r...More Button

Her story is familiar but no less shocking - the mortgage that became unaffordable when the jobs were lost, the reality of a dole queue for the first time, the desperation as reminder letters cam...More Button

Her message of goodbye from this State was a letter from the Department of Social Protection looking for confirmation of her flight details so that it would not overpay her child benefit. If eve...More Button

By making an adjustment of €3.5 billion today, the Government will be bringing the total in taxes and cuts to this economy in the past five years to €28 billion. This is its second austerity bud...More Button

As the Taoiseach knows, 2016 marks the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising. It is fair that Deputies and people across the country ask what type of republic will we have 100 years on and what ty...More Button

The men and women of 1916 did not risk their lives for those three parties to tear the fabric of society. They did not declare the Republic on the steps of the GPO so that this or the previous G...More Button

While listening to the radio last week, I was reminded of the power of ordinary people to bring about change. In 1955, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. As...More Button

In today's budget, the Government has pushed the people of this State as far as they can be pushed. It is time for ordinary people to realise that they do not need to take this anymore. It is t...More Button

When Rosa Parks decided to say enough is enough, she gave people hope that a better future was possible. When she decided to take a stand, she gave people the confidence to follow her lead. Lik...More Button

Financial Resolution No. 2: Tobacco Products Tax

While Sinn Féin acknowledges that there are public health arguments behind each of these resolutions - the resolution that increases excise duty on alcohol products and the resolution that increase...More Button

If the Government was motivated by the public health of these individuals, Sinn Féin might look at this in a different light, but that is not the case. The Government is not ring-fencing this mo...More Button

If the Government was serious about tackling public health issues arising from alcohol and tobacco then it would not be stalling the implementation of the recommendations of the national task for...More Button

Financial Resolution No. 5: Excise (Continued)

It is not agreed if Opposition Members are to be denied time.More Button

Yes.More Button

This group of financial resolutions deals with VRT, farmers' tax and motor trade tax. I will deal with the VRT and motor trade tax issues first.More Button

The reality is that many people depend on their cars to get from A to B. I listened to what the Taoiseach said about the drop in income in terms of revenue. The statistics bear that out. We move...More Button

It is clear that the budget in its totality has been anti-family and anti-children. As the Taoiseach indicated, VRT goes up to approximately €90 for different classes of car. Parents with more ...More Button

There is no doubt that it is also a shake-down of motorists. It is another grab for money aimed at motorists. As someone from west Donegal, if I had the option of coming to Dublin by train or o...More Button

VRT is a big issue in Border counties. I refer, for example, to people in Lifford who might work in Strabane and buy a car there but they have to pay an astronomical level of VRT just because th...More Button

The Government wants to bring in €21 million from the changes to VAT affecting farmers in a full year. As the Taoiseach mentioned in his contribution, that affects non-registered farmers, who fo...More Button

In the majority of cases it will be smaller farmers who will fall into this category. I do not say it is small farmers exclusively. We can agree on that. A farmer who sells an animal for €100 is...More Button